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The series “Family Mawdoo3” season 2 achieves great success, and the audience follows it and interacts with its events, and why not just wait for its show for a long time to complete the adventures of the family.

And one of the characters that the audience loved very much is the character “Ramadan Harika” presented by the artist, Mohamed Radwan, and it was “Wish Al-Saad” as they say about him, so he exploded his comedic talent, and some describe it as the best thing in the series and wait for every scene of it, especially since it is the source of comedy at work. contacted the artist, Mohamed Radwan, to tell us about “Ramadan Harika” and the scenes of the series, and is he considering presenting this character in a separate work after its success.

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The character “Ramadan Harika” in the second season of the series “Family Theme” has become more space, and among the scenes that the audience loves most and talk about on social media are the scenes in which he speaks in English. We asked the artist, Mohamed Radwan, about these scenes, and he told us: The idea of ​​talking about “Ramadan” Harika” in English is present in the script from the beginning, but of course there are additions on my part that come out during preparation and are in agreement with director Ahmed El-Gendy.

“Ramadan is a fire” and attempts to speak English

In the second season, there are many funny scenes that the audience interacted with greatly, and we asked the artist, Mohamed Radwan, about the scene that made the heroes laugh the most, and they had to re-film it more than once, and he answered: The scene of the family gathering at the dining table the first time he met Dr. “Maryam”, especially when I was He got excited about “Hassan”. We replayed this scene a lot because of the laughter of Nour and Majid Al-Kadwani.

A scene they re-filmed more than once because of laughter

Although the series “Family Theme” is a comedy series, but in the second season there were many touching scenes, and one of the most popular scenes that won the audience’s approval is the scene of knowing “Ramadan Harika” with the illness of “Ibrahim” Majed Al-Kadwani, and about this scene, the artist Mohamed Radwan said: A scene of knowledge “Ramadan” due to the fact that “Ibrahim” was ill was very touching, and every time I read the script I cried, and when the time for filming came, the emotional state in the scene was very sincere, and thank God the audience liked it.

The scene of knowing “Ramadan Harika” about “Ibrahim”
The audience was very moved by the reaction of “Ramadan Harika” in this scene

The series “Family Theme” is considered one of the series that was able to achieve success in the first and second parts. On this matter, Muhammad Radwan said: Praise be to God, the first part was very successful, and the character “Ramadan Harika” affected the audience greatly, and when we started preparing for the second part, we tried to complete this. Success, and it was, and all the comments I read about the character are beautiful and made me very happy, as they come from the heart without courtesy or bias, praise be to God.

Poster for the second part of “Family Theme”

Usually, when a character in a work achieves great success, some take advantage of this matter and present a separate work to it. We asked the artist, Mohamed Radwan, is it possible to see the character “Ramadan Harika” in a separate work? And he told us about his opinion on this matter: I do not like that there is a special work for “Ramadan Harika”, because the success of the character came from the success of the series, and if this character must continue, to continue within the events of the series “Family Theme”.

The character “Ramadan Harika” achieved great success

And the series “Family Theme 2”, an idea and directed by Ahmed El-Gendy, script and dialogue by Mohamed Ezz El-Din and Karim Youssef, starring Majed El-Kadwany, Nour, Rana Raees, Mohamed Shaheen, Sama Ibrahim, Taha El-Desouki, Mohamed Radwan, Mohamed El-Qess, Yasmine Mamdouh Wafi.


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