The frequency of the Turkish Star TV channel, Star TV 2023, to follow the Kingfisher series


The frequency of the Turkish Star TV channel, Star TV 2023, a large audience from all over the Arab world is now looking for the frequency of the Turkish Star TV channel, which owns the rights to the latest Turkish series, and transmits everything new and exclusive that is not available on any other satellite channel. Star TV is In Turkish, it is among the very successful and advanced channels, and it has a special place among many channels and has followers who enjoy watching it. The channel is keen not to show a lot of advertisements during breaks so that the audience does not feel bored. Turkish Star TV was able to obtain the rights to transmit a large package of Turkish series. The new one, including Kingfisher Bird, is one of the new series that has the highest viewership. It was launched recently and won the admiration of both adults and children.

The Turkish Star channel was established in 1989 and was owned by Ahmed Ozal and Jim Ozan, and its first name was Star Magic. In 2011, the channel was sold to the Dogosh Group for an amount of about $ 327, and its new name was announced, Star TV in Turkey, and the name is known now and then. The channel has become very popular and widespread. Follow the following report to get the frequency of the Turkish Star TV channel, Star TV 2023.

The frequency of the Turkish Star TV channel, Star TV 2023

Turkish Star TV enjoys the admiration of millions as it is an advanced and very successful channel that offers appropriate content that satisfies all followers. Star TV works for free on various satellites, and the channel also works for free and offers a large number of Turkish series translated into Arabic, and one of the most famous works of Star TV The Turkish series, The Daughter of the Ambassador, the Kingfisher Bird series, the series Blind Love, the Saeed and Shura series, the series Love for Rent, Babel, the Early Bird, Sultana Kösem, and many others, with the strongest voice and the clearest image.

The date of the Raft Bird series on Turkish Star TV

  • The new Turkish series, Kingfisher Bird, will be shown on the Turkish Star TV channel.
  • Where the series is broadcasted every Friday, one episode.
  • The timing of the official presentation of the series is at eight o’clock in the evening, Egyptian time, and nine o’clock in the evening, Saudi time.

The frequency of the Turkish Star TV channel on Nilesat

  • Frequency: 10266.
  • Polarization: vertical.
  • Correction factor: 5/6.
  • Coding rate: 27500.
  • Encryption: open.



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