“Online”, the founder series, Othman, episode 114, with subtitles, full screen. Watch the resurrection of Othman, in 1080 quality.


The Resurrection Othman series, episode 114 NoorPlay HD, the Resurrection Othman series achieved very great success in a very short period, and the series was able to continuously occupy the search engines on Google. Episode 113 of the founder Othman reaped millions of views during the first hours of its presentation on satellite channels and electronic platforms A state of intense anticipation and eagerness to watch Episode 114 of the series, as it reveals new facts about the enemies of the invader, Othman.

The Resurrection of Othman is a successful historical Turkish work of the first degree, and despite the presentation of many Indian and Turkish historical works, the founder, Othman, has proven his worth among all the works, and therefore millions of nationalities follow him and do not feel bored of watching him.

Resurrection Othman series, episode 114

The audience interacted with the previous episode of the Resurrection of Othman and was able to garner millions of views, because the series enjoys wide popularity and popularity. The first season of the Resurrection of Othman started in November 2019 and continued for several months, then stopped due to the Corona pandemic, after which the second season was launched after a period of suspense. And while waiting, Ghazi Osman faces new conflicts from the Mongols and Sultan Asmahan.


The story of the series revolves around the Ottoman Empire, led by Osman Ertugrul, who is the youngest son of the leader, Ertugrul, but Osman has a mind older than his age and has the ability to lead a large country like the Ottoman Empire and achieve long-standing victories and achievements that history mentions until today. Osman was able to thwart many attempts to demolish and destroy countries, and this What made everyone think a hundred times before attacking the state, because they know that its ruler is a man like a solid fortress who will not be shaken and will not fear death in order to protect the state and its people.

The date of the presentation of the founder Osman series, season 4, episode 114

  • The historical series, The Resurrection of Othman, is shown on Wednesday of every week on the Turkish ATV channel, on Wednesday of every week, at exactly 8:00 pm local time, and exactly at 9:00 pm Saudi time.
  • The series “The Resurrection of Othman”, episode 114, will be broadcast on the Love Story website and the Al-Nour website, with Arabic subtitles.
  • You also watch the series “The Resurrection of Othman” on Thursday of every week on the Yarmouk channel, Masr Umm Al-Dunya, Al-Fajr Al-Jazaeryia, Al-Sa’ida channel, and the replay on Friday at 1 pm.

Watch the series “The Resurrection of Othman”, episode 114, broadcast live



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