The dates of the series, and between us, the date and the occasional channels


A very large audience wants to follow the series and between us a date because it caused a great uproar in the recent period, and this is what prompted the audience to see the showtimes of the series and between us a date and the occasional channels. It is preferred by a large group of viewers, and episode 17 of the series witnessed a remarkable interaction from the viewers and achieved the highest viewership in record time. The team in the series was able to provide the best performance and prove their ability to embody the various characters.

The name of the series “Binaa Maiad” tops the first search engines on Google from the beginning of the showing of the first episode. New works were launched after the series “Binaa Maiad” was shown, but the series still dominates due to the audience’s attachment to it. Today we present to our esteemed followers, and based on your desire, the dates of the series “Binaa Maiad” and the occasional channels .

Dates show a series and between us a date

With every episode that is shown of the series “Bina Meaad”, the audience searches for the series, and this is the biggest evidence of its great success after it topped the trend continuously. 4 of the girls, and one day Hassan meets Nadia, and they have a strong love story. The children from both sides stand in the way of their parents to prevent marriage, and despite that, Hassan clings to Nadia until the marriage takes place between them in yesterday’s episode, after many confrontations.


The series “Bina Date” will be shown from Sunday to Thursday on the dmc channel screen, and it will be broadcast at 8 pm and repeated at 11 pm, and the series will also be shown on the dmc drama channel screen at ten in the evening.

Heroes of the series and between us a date

  • Sherine Reda.
  • Sabry Fawaz.
  • Medhat Saleh.
  • Sincere fulfillment.
  • Smile.
  • Khaled Anwar.
  • Mohamed Soliman.
  • Dalia Shawky.
  • Nadia Rashad.
  • Hajar Al-Sharnouby.
  • Osama Hadia.
  • Nadia Rashad
  • Directed and written by: Hany Kamal.



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