A new jump in the price of gold today.. The yellow metal is again affected by the dollar


The price of gold jumped today, Tuesday, January 24, on the Metals Exchange, so that an ounce could reap 10 dollars, while grams of yellow rose inside the Egyptian goldsmith, gaining more than 15 pounds.

The price of gold rose within the Egyptian goldsmith, to gain between 13 and 17 pounds per gram, while the gains of the gold pound amounted to 120 pounds, an increase.

24 karat gold

Club Naguib, a member of the Gold Division, said today to “The Week”, that the price of 24 carat gold recorded about 2034 pounds, compared to 2017 pounds at the close of trading on Monday, an increase of 17 pounds.

21 karat gold price

And he continued, the price of a gram of 21 karat today ranged around 1780 pounds, after an increase of 15 pounds from its price yesterday, Monday, at 1765 pounds.

18 karat gold price

The price of 18 carat gold also increased, to record 1526 pounds per gram, compared to 1513 pounds at the end of last Monday’s trading, and about 13 pounds, an increase.

The price of the gold pound jumped during the Egyptian goldsmith’s trading today by about 120 pounds, to record 14,240 pounds, compared to 14,120 yesterday, Monday.

gold pound

The price of a pound of gold

The price of a gold pound weighing 8 grams: 14,240 pounds

The price of half a pound of gold, 4 grams: 7120 pounds.

The price of a quarter of a pound of gold, 2 grams: 3560 pounds.

A surprise in 21 karat.. A new drop in gold prices today, Tuesday, January 24


kilograms of gold today

The price of a kilo of gold today

The price of a kilo of 21 karat gold: 1.780 million pounds.


The price of a kilo of 24 karat gold: 2.034 million pounds.

Half a kilo of gold

The price of half a kilo of 21 karat gold: 890 thousand pounds.

The price of half a kilo of 24 karat gold: 1.017 million Egyptian pounds.

Gold price forecast

Naguib expected that the price of gold would continue to rise in Egypt with the increase in the price of the metal globally, in addition to the rise in the price of the dollar against the pound, the income of Egyptian banks.

The price of gold in dollars

The price of gold rose globally today by more than $10, to reach $1941 an ounce, compared to the morning price of $1930.9.

dollar index

While the dollar index fell today, Tuesday, which measures the performance of the American paper against many other currencies, such as the Japanese yen, the Chinese yuan, the euro and the Australian pound, losing more than 0.25%, affected by the state of economic certainty among the group of economists with the US Federal Reserve’s tendency to reduce the pace of increase in its interest rates. The index settled near the range of 101.7 points, compared to 101.9 at the opening.

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