Surveillance camera documents terrifying moments when a Syrian girl was stabbed to death (witness)


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homelandActivists circulated on social media, a video clip documenting the last moments of the young woman, Elaine Satik, who was killed after being stabbed with a knife by a young man in Latakia Governorate, in the recent incident that shook Syria.

And the video, which was taken via a surveillance camera installed in the street, showed the last moments of the killing of the young woman, Eileen Satik, as she appeared running towards a Swedish hospital to first aid herself.

Syrian young woman, Elaine Satik

The video later showed Eileen leaving the hospital to take her mobile phone that had fallen from her, but the killer surprised her by beating her without the people around him doing anything.

Last Wednesday, 20-year-old Eileen died of her injuries, after being taken to a hospital in Lattakia.

The victim was with a young man on the motorcycle, but a dispute arose between them, and he fatally stabbed her, before another young man intervened and fired in the air, so the killer fled, and the girl was taken to the hospital.


Governmentally, the Ministry of Interior issued a statement regarding the crime, saying that the murderer, Suleiman R., born in 2000, had been arrested.

He killed Eileen Satik

He killed Eileen Satik

The Syrian Ministry of Interior arrested the accused of killing the young woman, Elaine Satik

The ministry added that the accused confessed to stabbing her, due to differences between them, while indicating that investigations are continuing to uncover the circumstances of the incident, and he will be brought to court later.

Significant increase in homicides

There is a noticeable increase in murders in Syria during the past years, as a result of the war that has been going on for years, as a popular revolution that broke out against the regime of Bashar al-Assad turned into a civil war that left millions dead, wounded, and displaced.

The killings affected people of all groups, while the economic and security pressures are mainly behind these incidents, especially the youth category, in light of the lack of signs of the expected future for the Syrians in those areas.

The areas under the control of the Syrian regime are witnessing the spread of crimes, with cases of suicide being recorded in various ways in those areas. Because of the lawlessness and insecurity and the spread of drugs and weapons.



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