Al-Ayyam newspaper – Governor of Hadramout: The government gives us our share of oil with the right hand and takes it with the left



  • First military personnel from Houthi areas must leave
  • Hadramout electricity file black hole of the state

> The governor of Hadramout, Mabkhout bin Madi, called on the members of the First Military Region in Seiyun to return to their northern regions and liberate them from the Houthis.

For the first time, Bin Madi broke his silence since his appointment as governor of Hadramout, explicitly attacking the first military forces that have been facing popular protests for months, calling for their removal and replacement with forces from the province.

Governor Bin Madi, during a television interview for the Hadramout program today, yesterday evening, with Hadhramaut channel, and the channel re-broadcast it yesterday, Monday, said I did not demand the departure of the first military zone, but rather the elements belonging to areas controlled by the Houthis, adding confirmation of the saying, “If the elements of the first region belonging to areas controlled by The Houthis must go and liberate their areas, as it is the first.”

Bin Madi continued, “If al-Houthi is an enemy of the first military region, let them go and fight him in his areas, and if they consider him a friend, we do not want al-Houthi’s friend to be present among us.”

The governor pointed to the experience Hadramawt experienced from forces from outside the province, when he said, “We have experience with such forces on the coast. When they were on the coast of Hadhramaut, they left the camps and fled by buses and let the terrorist elements control Mukalla,” referring to al-Qaeda militants when They took control of the city in April 2015 and fled.

Concerning the Barshid Brigade, whose members belong to other southern governorates other than Hadhramaut, the governor affirmed that this brigade “is affiliated with the second military region and obeys our orders.”

Bin Madi accused the government of stealing Hadramout’s oil revenues, and said that the government gives us Hadramout’s share of oil with the right hand and takes it with the left hand. his claim.


He pointed out that his authorities had not yet received the revenues of Hadramout’s share of the last three shipments of oil, explaining that before targeting the port of Al-Dhaba, the government sent incorrect assurances of its ability to deter any threat to the oil export ports.


Regarding the reports that claimed that the UAE authorities had detained him, the governor said, “I was not detained in the Emirates, and I was an honored guest with them, despite the fact that there was a dialogue involving points of view.”

Bin Madi confirmed that the Al-Wadiah crossing point is a Hadrami crossing, in which there are no Hadrami, and the responsibility for its protection is entrusted to units from the Sixth Military Region, which does not exist in Hadramout.

Regarding the opening of registration to join the military forces in Hadramout, he said we reject any registration for recruitment in Hadramout outside the framework of the Ministry of Defense, stressing that the Hadrami elite is the goal that we meet and seek to be in control of the entire Hadramout.

Bin Madi attacked the state of unity, and said: “We thought that unity would move us to the best, but we saw the opposite, and unity arose between two republican regimes, but now the system of government in the north is different.”

Bin Madi recalled the Hadhrami history, and said that it dated from 7 thousand years BC, and the name of Hadramout exists, and the last three sultanates of Al-Quaiti, Al-Kathiri, and Al-Wahidi were not separated from the name of Hadramout, so we reject dependency. as he put it.

On the issue of services and their deterioration in the province for years, Bin Madi said about the issue of electricity that it is “the black hole of the state,” and continued, “In the coast of Hadramout, we do not have any electricity for the state except for the Al-Shihr station, and the rest is purchased energy.”

He added, “The government spends one million and 600 thousand dollars daily for the electricity of Aden, and one million and 200 thousand dollars for the electricity of Mukalla.”



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