Al-Ayyam newspaper – 4 gunmen and a soldier were killed and others wounded in Modia


> Four tribesmen were killed, yesterday, Monday, in clashes with a security force that raided a small town in the Mudiya district of Abyan, after detonating an explosive device targeting a military convoy in Wadi Omran, where the southern armed forces have been fighting battles against al-Qaeda for months.

Al-Ayyam reported local and security sources that the clashes with the tribal gunmen from the Fathan family stopped yesterday evening after hours, following mediation led by a former local official in the area of ​​the clash. Al-Qushbari and Mohsen Muhammad.

The clashes came after a security campaign was launched on the Al-Fathan area, while the southern forces stationed in the Omran Valley were chasing al-Qaeda militants, and were ambushed with an explosive device that exploded, killing at least one soldier and wounding others earlier yesterday.

The sources pointed out that the security campaign raided the village of Amhaza and arrested three members of the Al-Fathan tribe, accusing them of planting explosive devices and targeting their soldiers and military vehicles.

A military patrol was targeted by an explosive device yesterday afternoon while combing it in Wadi Athreb, leaving dead and wounded, and upon the arrival of the southern forces, citizens clashed with them, which also left people dead, without confirmation by independent sources.

On the other hand, a security source familiar with the events revealed the truth about the clashes between the campaign and the tribesmen of eastern Modia.


A security source said that the detainees are herdsmen who were close to the site of the bombing and were detained for interrogation.


The source added that after that, young men from the Al-Fathan tribe created a security point that cut off the movement of the military campaign, as it tried to detain soldiers, pointing out that clashes occurred with the military force, resulting in the death and injury of the military force participating in the “Arms of the East” operation.

The source pointed to an agreement between the security campaign and seven sheikhs from the Al-Fathan tribe to hand over all those involved in the clashes.

The source confirmed that two of the Al-Fathan tribe were handed over to the campaign by the sheikh in charge of them, explaining that 8 others are required to be handed over, and the campaign is still besieging the village of Al-Baqira until the others are handed over.

The sources concluded the conversation by confirming the arrival of mediation from tribal authorities to hand over the wanted persons to the campaign and calm the situation.



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