The prices of poultry, cattle and rabbit feed today, Tuesday 1-24-2023

The prices of poultry, cattle and rabbit feed today, Tuesday 1-24-2023
The prices of poultry, cattle and rabbit feed today, Tuesday 1-24-2023

Poultry feed prices decreased today, Tuesday 1-24-2023, by 500 at companies and factories producing feed for poultry and ducks and the stability of livestock and rabbits, according to a number of dealers and traders in the markets, especially with the import of feed raw materials in large quantities during the current period.

And a ton of broiler feed fluctuated between 19,600 pounds to 19,150 pounds – factory land delivery – according to the average prices today for a number of companies.

Feed prices today

Traders pointed out that the price of a ton of poultry feed for fattening, for the type of paddy protein 24%, recorded 20,600 pounds, and for 23% protein, it recorded 19,600.

Traders explained that the price of 21% grown feed was 19,500 pounds, 19% of which was 19,400 pounds, and 21% protein feed was 19,150 pounds.

Traders hinted that the price of a ton of white fodder reached 16,650 pounds, while rabbit feed ranged from 14,500 to 15,000 pounds.

feed prices

Traders reported that the price of a ton of livestock feed reached 12,000 pounds per ton, up to 12,500 pounds, and duck feed at least 7,000 pounds.

Traders revealed that a ton of bran or arums recorded 9,500 pounds, Argentine and Brazilian corn 12,900 – factory land delivery – and local corn 11,500 pounds per ton.


Traders reported that the price of imported gluten was 39,000 pounds, local gluten 38,800 thousand, local rice 9,500 pounds, imported gluten 11,300 pounds, soybean meal 46% protein 31,000 pounds per ton, 44% protein 30 thousand 500 pounds, and American DJ 17,500 pounds.


Feed prices today in the market

Traders noted that the price of a ton of soy waste is 12,000 pounds, soy husk is 8,600 pounds per ton, bread is 14,000 pounds, sesame is 12,000 pounds, peanuts are 13,000 pounds, beetroot is 7,500 to 12,000 pounds, and olive oil is 7,000 pounds.

The price of a ton of fodder for some companies has risen in the past period to 26,000 pounds per ton allocated to turkey, as a result of the high prices of production requirements. A ton of soybean husk reached 8,300 pounds, and the American DJ rose 16,100 pounds.

Abdel Aziz Al-Sayed, head of the Poultry Wealth Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that there has been a decline in the price of a ton of poultry feed during the past period, as prices fell by 500 pounds during the past few hours.

Al-Sayed revealed that the reasons for the rise in fodder prices during the last period is the increase in the prices of feed raw materials globally, as well as the rise in the dollar and its crossing of the 30-pound barrier, and thus the rise in prices, indicating that the disappearance of the current crisis will take some time for manufacturing.

Al-Sayed stressed that the coming hours will witness more fluctuations in the markets, with the instability of the dollar price.

Dr. Hoda Ragab, Director of the Contract Farming Center, said that the Ministry of Agriculture applied contract farming to maize this season for the first time, where the buying party is the fodder factories.



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