The Egyptian hashish woman fell in Kuwait, and this is what was seized in her possession

The Egyptian hashish woman fell in Kuwait, and this is what was seized in her possession
The Egyptian hashish woman fell in Kuwait, and this is what was seized in her possession

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homelandA state of shock mixed with anger arose in the State of Kuwait, after the authorities announced the arrest of an Egyptian expatriate who violated residency in possession of narcotic substances.

And she said Kuwaiti Ministry of InteriorIn a statement reported by local media, its security services arrested an Egyptian expatriate who violated the residency, and was found in possession of a piece of hashish and six hashish cigarettes ready for use in the capital, Kuwait.

widespread anger

This incident sparked a great controversy in Kuwait, in light of what is said to be the multiplicity of crimes committed by Egyptians there, noting that many demands were raised in the past periods for their deportation.

An activist said: “We told you to break its prisons, send them all to us.”

Another wrote: “We will see if she will be imprisoned or acquitted because of a mistake in the investigation procedures.”

Fahd tweeted, commenting on the incident: “The class of Nimrud.”

And an activist stated: “Oh God, heal us from what God afflicted them with, and free us from their evils and sins. Corrupt, corrupt.”

An Egyptian drug dealer in Kuwait

The promotion of drugs by an Egyptian is not new. A few months ago, men from the General Administration for Drug Control in Kuwait arrested an Egyptian expatriate in the Mahboula area, after receiving information about his drug trafficking.


In the details, the anti-narcotics men found in the possession of the Egyptian person a kilogram of shabu, a kilogram of chemical anesthetics, and half a kilo of hashish.


The Undersecretary of the Public Security Sector, Major General Faraj Al-Zoubi, ordered the referral of an Asian expatriate to the General Department for Drug Control, to arrest him in the act of selling heroin on a motorcycle.

One of the Ahmadi security patrols suspected a motorcyclist who, as soon as he saw the patrol, seemed confused, and was arrested.

By searching him, 16 rolls were found in his possession, and the expatriate admitted that he was dealing in drugs by delivering them to the customers’ residence, and that he was using the bicycle for this purpose.

The two accused were referred to the Public Prosecution to take legal action against them.

An Egyptian tries to smuggle 100 kilos of hashish to Kuwait

In another incident that took place last year as well, the security services in Kuwait were able to thwart an attempt to smuggle 100 kilograms of hashish.

The General Administration of Security Media said that an Egyptian expatriate tried to bring narcotics from Iran by sea.

The Egyptian accused works for an Iranian merchant, and the market value of the seized items amounted to about 300,000 dinars.

Confidential information was received by the policemen about the arrival of a large shipment of drugs to the country by sea, with the knowledge of an Egyptian resident, so he was monitored, arrested, and referred to the Public Prosecution with the seized items.



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