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Who is Tamani, wife of Melhem Zein, on Wikipedia? The promising artist was associated with a bold voice and one of the Arab stars in the first seasons, a figure from outside the artistic community and the daughter of Alia, one of the prominent politicians in the Arab world.

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Who is Tamani, wife of Melhem Zein, on Wikipedia?

Tamani, the daughter of former Yemeni President Ali Salem Al-Beidh, is considered one of the most famous politicians in South Yemen, as she is the wife of the famous artist Melhem Zain and headed her in the past, and Melhem Zain, after a strong love story for him. Tamani got married and their wedding ceremony took place in the capital, Beirut, since 2008 AD, and fans began publishing a series of news about the “Zain” woman after the bombing of the capital, Minya. At that point, Melhem broke her silence and said that her family’s health condition is very good and that she lives a happy life and takes care of her husband and children, and said that Melhem and Tamani have four children, “Ali, Fatima, Hussein and Zainab.”


Who is Melhem Zain?

A well-known Lebanese artist and singer, she mostly started her artistic career away from singing, learned her rights, and participated in a song by her idol, Umm Kulthum, that allowed her to experience her artistic expertise with her wonderful performance. To achieve the highest marks by participating in a variety of activities within the school, learning the arts as well as a wide range of other musical pursuits.


Biography Melhem Zein

  • full name: Melhem Hussein Jassem Zain.
  • Nickname: Melhem Zein.
  • Date of Birth: October 21, 1982.
  • the tower: Balance.
  • place of birth: Bekaa – Lebanon.
  • AgeMelhem Zein is 39 years old.
  • Educational attainment: Bachelor of Laws and Law.
  • Marital status: married.
  • wife’s name: Tamani Ali Salem Al-Beidh.
  • The nationality of the wife: Yemeni
  • Sons: (Fatima – Ali – Hussein – Zainab).
  • Nationality: Lebanese.
  • the origin: Iraqi origin from Najaf.
  • Religion: Islam.
  • doctrine: Shiite Muslim
  • the work: a famous singer.
  • Years of work: Melhem Zain started his singing career in 2002 – to this day.

The story of Tamani Ali’s marriage to Melhem Zein

The connection between the two partners is considered one of the strangest stories, as their meeting occurred when former Yemeni President “Ali Salem Al-Beidh” invited Melhem Zain to sing at the birthday party of his daughter “Tamani”, who is a big fan of the voice. And the feeling of that famous singer sparked a spark of love between them when she received an invitation from her family to visit Sanaa, and Tamani and her family, who went to the Lebanese capital, Beirut, reached their climax with her engagement in 2008 to inform her of the famous artist, Melhem, talking about the news and inviting her to dinner at her home.

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