Heba Abouk sends a mysterious message after appearing, embracing a handsome model! (See)


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homeland– The Spanish-Tunisian actress, Heba Abouk, ignored the news of her separation from her husband, the Moroccan national team player and the star of Paris Saint-Germain, Ashraf Hakimi.

24 hours fresh

And Heba Abouk published, through the story feature on her account on “Instagram”, wisdom that calls for optimism and expresses her happiness and satisfaction.

The message Hiba posted reads: “Wake up this morning, smile. Twenty-four new hours ahead of me. I pledge to live fully in every moment and to look upon all beings with kindness and compassion.”

Heba commented on the photo, “Good morning.”

Givenchy show

Heba Abouk starred in a fashion show for Givenchy, wearing a formal black suit with a transparent top under the jacket.

Heba fashion show in Givenchy
Abouk gift

Abouk gift

Heba was present at Paris Fashion Week while Hakimi was in Saudi Arabia

Heba Abouk appeared in the pictures embracing her fellow young models, praising their work and the success of their show at Paris Fashion Week.

Heba also published her picture with Matthew Williams, Creative Director of Givenchy, congratulating him on the success of the show.

Abouk gift

Abouk gift

Abouk embraces her fellow young models
Abouk gift

Abouk gift

Achraf Hakimi’s wife with Matthew Williams, Creative Director of Givenchy

Boxing with Ashraf

A few days ago, Heba Abouk published a video clip of her and her husband, Ashraf Hakimi, as they trained in boxing arts.

And the couple appeared during the video in complete harmony, which completely denies the validity of what was rumored about their private lives and their relationship with each other recently.

A few days ago, Heba Abouk denied to “Europe Press” that she was going through a marital crisis, and confirmed that everything was going well between her and her husband, Ashraf.

Love as the first day

Heba Abouk said: “Everything is fine. nothing. Everything said is false.”

“Of course they are still together and in love as on the first day,” Heba said with a smile.

Heba Abouk married Moroccan Ashraf Hakimi, although she is 12 years older than him, in early 2020, without any media uproar, and she gave birth to two of his children, namely: Amin (two years) and Naeem (10 months).

It was recently reported that the Moroccan star Ashraf Hakimi had a relationship with his wife, the Tunisian actress Heba Abbouk, about the existence of tension between them that could lead to separation.

Hakimi’s betrayal

And it was spread on social media that the Belgian model Rose Bertram, friend of Kylian Mbappe, had a role in this. It is about an extramarital affair.

Rumor has it that Manon Bensaud, a very close friend of Rose Bertram, is having an affair with Ashraf Hakimi. According to the French newspaper “Legossip”.



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