After the price hike, how do mothers deal with the idea of ​​preparing lunch boxes for their children?

After the price hike, how do mothers deal with the idea of ​​preparing lunch boxes for their children?
After the price hike, how do mothers deal with the idea of ​​preparing lunch boxes for their children?

Posted on: Monday, January 23, 2023 – 4:06 PM | Last update: Monday, January 23, 2023 – 4:06 PM

Every mother seeks to prepare good and useful daily food for her child in a nice way to open his appetite during his school day, but some of them fear that the economic crisis will affect the matter, due to the wave of high prices that hit basic foods, such as eggs, dairy products, vegetables and meat, as a result of the high price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound. And the greed of merchants, so did this affect the content of the lunch box or “lunch box” as a daily meal for children during their school day?

School sandwiches or “lunch boxes” as it was known recently. The names may change with the progress of time, but the broad base for mothers in preparation remains “healthy home food”, which is still prevalent in children’s “lunch boxes” in schools.

Al-Shorouk communicated with some mothers who have children of different ages (nursery-primary-intermediate); To review their experiences in preparing daily food for their children, “lunch boxes”, during the school day, and all of them confirmed that home food is the master in preparation, even after the wave of high prices.

• Everything is expensive

From Alexandria, Mrs. Sherine, the mother of a middle school child, says that she has not changed the system of preparing meals in the lunch box for her child: “I did not change my system in preparing the lunch box. I always put a sandwich of cheese and another Nutella, I make it at home at a lower cost than ready-made.” And a piece of biscuit with oats, too. I am the one who treats it at home, and when I have a choice, I add it with a fruit, and if there is no fruit, I add lemon juice.

Sherine takes a different approach to most mothers these days, as she is not convinced of including all kinds of meat or eggs in the breakfast meal: “I have never been convinced of paneer sandwiches and kofta as breakfast. Eggs are only in the home breakfast on Friday, but no school, because I pity the children who are deprived of it.”

Sherine added to Al-Shorouk: “Even the money I don’t give my son a final allowance, because it compensates him with the food that I would treat him at home, such as cookies, and I would add more to it when it was available for his friends.”

Sherine was among the inspiring mothers with a message. After her child, Karim, died last year of cancer, she decided to produce homemade food without preservatives. To reduce the chances of developing tumors in children, and this won the admiration of the children of her friends, after she succeeded in preparing fast foods at home such as (burgers, chocolate, etc.) Her deceased child, who was fed the same homemade food to complete his recovery.

However, the wave of high prices that resulted from the high price of the dollar against the pound affected the project and even the daily life of Sherine and her small family consisting of her husband and her child, Mustafa, who is still studying in middle school, as she says that the home meal was affected by the high prices. And that she was not able to save money in the house’s piggy bank, as she used to do last year: “I had to stop my work completely because there is no fixed price, and I felt that I would not be able to sell the need at a price that suits everyone, and I used to make a saving money box at home, now I can’t save any money in it for everything.” Stay expensive.”

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• School sandwiches from home food

From Cairo, (W.F.), a middle-class mother of two children in elementary school, says that she used to prepare a “lunch box” from home food, with the inclusion of fino bread.

And (W.F.) added to Al-Shorouk: “My children drink milk in the morning, and then I bring them school sandwiches from home food, for example cheese with eggs, potatoes with eggs, jam, or boiled eggs. In sandwiches, I add vegetables, such as broccoli, lettuce, or carrots, with a fruit fruit”.

• Effect on the provision of complementary side foods


Moving to Giza Governorate, (N.E.), the mother of a kindergarten (nursery) child, says that she used to prepare her child’s school day food from home foods: “I would bring my daughter sandwiches with cheese, potatoes, or eggs, and I would give her once fruit and once vegetables a cucumber.” or pepper.”


And she added that she used to give her child complementary foods or other desserts made at home: “Sometimes I wanted cake with sandwiches, or biscuits, and all these things would be made at home.”

Like other mothers, N.A feels the effects of the crisis of high prices and consumer goods that resulted from the rise of the dollar against the Egyptian pound, expressing that this crisis will affect her ability to provide complementary foods, in addition to the basic meal for her child at school.

• Homemade food is a popular moms talk on Facebook

Al-Shorouk monitored many posts by mothers asking about and showing ways to prepare lunchboxes in Facebook groups.

A large number of people interacted with these posts, as mothers shared their experiences in preparing lunch boxes for their children, and not a single post was without homemade food.

After reviewing a large number of publications, it appeared that the majority of mothers’ choice in preparing the lunch box is limited to juices and yogurt with fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes, with bread stuffed with potatoes, cheese, flour dessert, or fried eggs prepared at home as a main meal.

Last October, one of the mothers shared the method of preparing school food for her child, and the ingredients were toast bread stuffed with fried eggs at home, with cheddar cheese, with mushroom protein, in addition to samosa with cheese cooked at home, and potatoes prepared at home, with a piece of waffle for dessert, which is food My house too.

• What should the school lunch contain?

Dr. Ibrahim Khalifa, a professor of functional foods at the Faculty of Agriculture, Benha University, said that the diversity of meals is very important for the child, indicating that it is better for the child to eat breakfast at home, and it should contain a cup of milk, an egg and a piece of cheese, with any green food. such as parsley or others; It increases the efficiency of blood circulation, and improves efficiency during the school day.

Khalifa added, in previous statements to Al-Shorouk, that the second meal, which is the food in the lunch bag during the school day, must be well taken care of, and the nutritional elements that the child will receive. To provide him with energy, achieve efficiency in receiving education, increase concentration, prevent lethargy, and not feel tired and exhausted.

Therefore, the meal should include the following:

– Flour products, preferably in order, municipal bread, then fino; Because the first contains fibers that improve the function of the digestive system, as mentioned previously.
Products rich in calcium and protein, such as dairy, half a packet of yogurt, or a piece of cheese.
Green foods like thyme or parsley.
– Any type of animal food rich in protein, such as pieces of meat, chicken or eggs.
A source of vegetables or fruits, and both can be added together or only one of them.
– It is preferable to put natural, non-hydrogenated oil dots on vegetables; Because it gives the child the omega element that improves focus.
Put a bottle of water sufficient for the child’s needs to drink 4-6 cups during the day.

• How do we maintain the integrity of the meal during the day?

Khalifa warned that there are foods that are not recommended to be added to the child at lunch, such as pickles, soda water, pancakes, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, chips, cake and processed meat, because they contain excess fats that cause cramps, and canned juices should be reduced and replaced with fruit or natural juices.

He pointed out that in order to preserve the safety of food from corruption inside the lunch box, vegetables should not be mixed with meat in one dish. Because the child will eat lunch after long hours of study.



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