Do you suffer from bad breath? – Here are the causes and treatment

Do you suffer from bad breath? – Here are the causes and treatment
Do you suffer from bad breath? – Here are the causes and treatment

I wrote – Hoda Abdel Nasser:

Some people suffer from bad breath, which raises anxiety and tension in them, believing that this indicates a serious problem, especially as it is a rare symptom that should not be ignored at all, so what is the reason behind this?

In the following report, The Consulto reviews everything related to bad breath, according to WebD.

Causes of bad breath

There are many causes of bad breath, which include:

1- Eating foods

Eating certain foods and drinks usually affects the change in the smell of the nose, especially foods that contain pungent elements such as garlic, onions, and spices, which requires washing the mouth well with a brush and toothpaste to reduce any bad smell in the nose and improve breath odor.

2- Smoking

Smoking is one of the main reasons behind the bad smell of the nose, because cigarettes contain elements that cause an unpleasant odor, and thus this affects the mouth clearly and then it is transmitted to the nose, so you must avoid smoking completely, as well as passive smoking to get a good smell from the nose.

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3- Sinusitis

Many people suffer from sinusitis as a result of a bacterial or viral infection, and thus this clearly affects the smell of the breath and the nose in general, and once this inflammation is cured, the smell of the nose disappears on its own.

4- Postnasal drip

It is normal for post-nasal drip to occur as a result of some diseases such as influenza, allergies, or sinusitis, and therefore the bad breath in this case is considered a temporary symptom that disappears once the disease is cured.


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Treating bad breath

There are some tips that help get rid of bad breath, including:

Avoid eating foods that contain pungent elements.

Absolutely avoid smoking.

– Ensure good oral hygiene.

Drink a large amount of water.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

– Consult the specialist doctor in case of any disturbing symptoms in the mouth.



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