Google solves a murder mystery

Google solves a murder mystery
Google solves a murder mystery

Prepared by: Mustafa Al-Zoubi

The famous search site “Google” of Microsoft has succeeded in deciphering the mystery of a wife’s crime in order to obtain her wealth.

Massachusetts prosecutors revealed the extensive searches that Brian Walsh conducted on Google in the days before his wife Anna was reported missing.

The man admitted in court to killing his wife, Anna, 47, in the basement of their home in Cohasset, Massachusetts.

Among the searches conducted from the iPad of one of his young sons were 10 ways to dispose of a dead body.

On the day before the wife was killed, the search engine revealed searches at each of the following times:

4:55 a.m.: How long before the scent starts to spread?

4:58 am: How do you prevent the body from decomposing?

5:20 am: How do we wrap the body after the killing?

5:47 am: 10 ways to get rid of a dead body if you really need to.

6:34 am: Can you get rid of body parts?

9:29 am: What does formaldehyde do?

9:34 am: How long does DNA work?

9:59 am: Is identification possible on body remains?


11:34 a.m.: Shredding and the best way to detox your body.


11:44 am: How do you clean blood from a hardwood floor?

11:56 am: Luminal to detect blood

1:08 PM: What happens when you put body parts in ammonia?

1:21 pm: Is it better to throw away or wash crime scene clothing?

And on January 2 the man searched:

12:45 PM: Hacksaw is the ultimate dismemberment tool

1:10 pm: Can you be charged with murder without a body?

1:14 PM: Can you identify a body with broken teeth?

Jan 3

1:02 PM: What happens to the hair of a corpse?

1:13 pm: What is the rate of decomposition of an object in a plastic bag compared to the surface of wood?

1:20 pm: Can baking soda make body smell good?

January 4: Anna is reported missing by her employer, after which Internet searches are halted.



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