Google reveals a man’s involvement in the murder of his wife

Google reveals a man’s involvement in the murder of his wife
Google reveals a man’s involvement in the murder of his wife

Google searches by a man implicated in the murder of his wife contributed to the murder charge, as prosecutors presented testimony against Brian Walsh, 47, in Quincy County Court issuing a murder warrant last Tuesday in the death of his wife, Anna, 39. years.”

Investigations revealed that the husband, who is from the US state of Massachusetts, and who claimed that his wife disappeared on New Year’s Day, conducted more than a dozen suspicious Google searches, and his questions included “10 ways to get rid of a corpse if you really need to” and “How to stop the corpse from decomposing.” It turned out later that he dismembered his wife and disposed of her remains.

Prosecutors revealed, according to NBC, that Brian Walsh did research on the Internet last December 27 about “what is the best state for a man to divorce” – and that “instead of a divorce, he murdered and dismembered Anna and disposed of her body.”

While the defendant pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, the public prosecutor said that investigators found the couple’s DNA, along with a Covid vaccination card for Anna and a chainsaw, scissors and hatchet pieces in rubbish bags that were disposed of in a dumpster in Brian’s mother’s apartment complex.

In evidence presented in court, prosecutors presented disturbing new details about Brian Walsh’s actions in the hours before and after he previously claimed he last saw his wife.

In the early morning hours of January 1, the hour before he told investigators that his wife had left their home to catch a flight to Washington, D.C., he did the following Google searches on his son’s iPad: “How long before a body begins to decompose, How to prevent a body From decomposition, how to tie up the corpse, 10 ways to get rid of the corpse if you really need to, how long should the missing person inherit, can you get rid of the body parts?”

Google searches also included: “The dismemberment and the best ways to dispose of the body, how to clean blood from the wooden floor, what happens when you put body parts in ammonia, and is it better to dispose of or wash crime scene clothes?”


On January 2nd, Walsh’s online searches included searching for the best tool for “dismembering”, “Can you be charged with murder without a corpse” and “Can you identify a corpse with a broken tooth,” prosecutors said. .


That same day, he bought three rugs at a store and also bought cleaning products, mops, brushes, tape, a tarp—.(.) buckets, goggles, baking soda, and an axe.

On January 3, surveillance video captured Walsh traveling to dump his load into a dumpster, where he is seen carrying and discarding items that appeared heavy. He then traveled to an apartment complex in Upington and another in Brockton, about 4 miles west of Upington, where he dumped more items.

Prosecutors said in court that police later tried to trace the bags which were seen being put into the first dumpster in Abington, but were actually destroyed after they were picked up and taken away for shredding and burning.

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