A Syrian cook kills a millionaire and puts her body in the trash


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The Syrian youth, Qusai Al-Jundi, 25, and his driver, Muhammad Al-Aboud, 28, strangled Louise Cam, 71, inside her home in north London, with a hair-dryer wire, and beat her on the head before wrapping her body in garbage bags, and placing her in the trash outside her house. The police found the body 3 days later.

After killing the millionaire, Qusai sent a message from her phone to tell her family that she was fine, but she had traveled to China, according to the British Daily Mail.

And the British newspaper indicated that Qusay wanted to defraud her and force her to give up her house, which costs 1.3 million pounds sterling.

Earlier, Qusai, who is married and has three children, deluded the victim that he lives a luxurious life with a number of girlfriends, but in reality he works in a kebab shop and lives with his parents.

He did this in an attempt to deceive her into obtaining a power of attorney for her property and extorting her £4.6m fortune.

The newspaper said: “Cam drove her car to her semi-detached house, east of Barnet, to sell it after Qusay convinced her that he had enough money to buy the house, but instead he killed her.”

While she was sitting on a chair, he approached her from behind and strangled her with the cord of a hair dryer belonging to Al-Aboud, who had arrived in the kingdom without a work visa just two months earlier.

She was also hit on the head with a blunt object, before her body was wrapped in garbage bags and a quilt, and placed in the trash outside her home, where it was covered with garden waste.


The morning after Cam’s death, Qusay paid £60 to a group of laborers to get a truck and take the rubbish to his family’s home, in Harrow, northwest London.


Meanwhile, Al-Aboud posted a video on TikTok of him dancing to music in the corridor of Mrs. Kam’s house, with his followers not knowing that he had brutally murdered her just hours earlier.

And the Syrian cook deceived a number of women to try to reach the lifestyle of the rich, which he thought he deserved, and stole two cars from one victim in her sixties, after declaring his love for her.

Qusai told Mrs. Kam, who is divorced and has a commercial building and a group of apartments near the restaurant where he works, that he loves her too, hoping that she will sign the power of attorney to manage her real estate properties.

Mrs. Cam wanted to sell the estate to give money to her children, and the soldier offered her £6 million, which was well above the market value.

He told her that his girlfriend, Anna, supported him financially. In fact, Anna Reich was also a victim of Qusai, a customer in the restaurant where he works. She agreed to sell her car to him for 57,000 pounds sterling. Despite handing over the car, Mrs. Reich did not see a penny of money. the money.

Qusai sent her messages telling her: “I love you, I want you. Anna, there is no one in my heart. I love you because I want you, yes I need you, every time I need you.”

Ms. Reich said: “He was psychologically manipulating me this whole time. My intention was to get the money from selling the car and get out of this situation as quickly as possible. He didn’t pay me a penny, no money or money order, nothing. He was very creative.” .



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