Dubai wins the right to host 232 business events during 2022

Dubai wins the right to host 232 business events during 2022
Dubai wins the right to host 232 business events during 2022

The “Dubai Business Events” office, the official office for attracting events and conferences in Dubai and affiliated with the Department of Economy and Tourism, confirmed that its cooperation with partners around the world throughout the year 2022 resulted in Dubai winning 232 bids to host events to be held over the next few years. The events are attended by about 135,000 participants and visitors from within the country and around the world, including scholars and experts specializing in various fields, thought leaders, businessmen and executive leaders.

Positive effect

According to the Dubai Media Office, these events will have a tangible positive impact on the business events sector and the tourism system, and thus on Dubai’s economy in general. Business events that include major conferences and meetings organized by international associations, as well as important institutional meetings for multinational companies, will also contribute to the consolidation of Dubai’s position as a global center for economy and knowledge, and this is reinforced in particular by hosting the 57 conferences of associations that were won in 2022, which is The largest number of business events that are won to be hosted in one year, which indicates the success of the efforts made over the past years to raise the status of Dubai and enhance confidence in its capabilities among decision-makers in international federations and associations in various sectors.

92% increase in the number of participants

It is noteworthy that this outstanding performance came during the year 2022 better than the previous year, with an improvement of 95 percent in the number of successful hosting bids, and an increase of 92 percent in the number of participants who will attend these events, as all this confirms the momentum witnessed by Dubai growing its role as a major center for events. In the region and one of the most important centers in the world.

Develop key sectors and professions

For his part, “Ahmed Al Khaja”, Executive Director of the Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation, said: “Dubai’s success in winning during the year 2022 hosting important business events, especially conferences of international associations, will enable it to achieve more success, innovation, professional development and knowledge exchange in its various sectors and fields, in addition to promoting The decision-makers in these associations have confidence in Dubai’s enormous potential to be the preferred destination for holding their upcoming meetings.” Al-Khaja added: “We are working to achieve the goals of the Dubai Economic Agenda D33 for the next ten years, specifically confirming its position among the top 3 global destinations for specialized tourism and business. We are also working To enhance our approach, which is based on true cooperation and partnership with the public and private sectors, towards achieving more record results.

Business events hosted in 2022

It is noteworthy that the list of business events that were won to host in 2022 are:
• The International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine WorldLab Congress 2024.
• International Congress of Endocrinology 2024.
• International Congress of Sports Medicine 2024.
• The World Conference of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Techniques 2026.
• International Symposium on Dental Hygiene 2028.


Dubai will also host a number of incentive travel programs for corporate employees, such as:
• IBM India and Europe Incentives Program 2023, and Terpel Convention 2023.
• Envista EMEA Summit 2023.
• Mary Kay Mexico Incentive Program 2024 Mary Kay Mexico Incentive.


intensive activities

It should be noted that the “Dubai Business Events” office carried out extensive activities throughout the past year, which contributed to making Dubai a top priority for meeting planners and association executives, through the hosting bid activity that resulted in this success, as well as nearly 200 activities, including Invited delegation visits, promotional tours, and participation in major trade fairs.

In general, this activity introduced meeting organizers in 33 markets to Dubai’s potential for hosting such international conferences and meetings, through face-to-face meetings with them, in addition to marketing and public relations activities.

The “Dubai Business Events” office continues its intensive activity while highlighting the capabilities and components that Dubai enjoys as a preferred destination for hosting business events, including external awareness campaigns in the main target markets, as well as participation in major trade fairs, including “IMEX” and “” IBTM World”, and the office will also cooperate with partners to host and invite delegations from the organizers and planners of conferences and meetings to introduce them to the emirate’s components for hosting events, which will allow them to stand on advanced equipment and infrastructure for holding business events in addition to the tourism components, as well as the rapid growth witnessed by the economy Knowledge-based Dubai. More information can be obtained by visiting the following link:

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