Two people suffocated due to a gas leak inside a house in Fayoum – the governorates


Today, Monday, two people suffered from suffocation, as a result of a gas leakage inside their house in the Dar Al-Ramad area within the area of ​​the First Fayoum Police Station. The people informed the ambulance facility to transfer them to the nearest hospital, provide them with the necessary medical care and save their lives.

Civil protection forces, police and ambulances moved to the place of the complaint immediately, to take the necessary measures before the leak caused an explosion or fire.

Gas leak in a house

Major General Tharwat Al-Mahlawi, Assistant Minister of Interior and Director of Fayoum Security, received a notification from the warden of the First Fayoum Police Station, stating that a signal had been received from the Rescue Police, that a gas leak had occurred inside a house in the Dar Al-Ramad area within the scope of the department, and that there were suffocation patients.

Two people suffocated

Immediately, a security force moved from the First Fayoum Police Station under the supervision of Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Tarfaya, Chief of Investigations, and civil protection men and vehicles, to the place of the communication, and it was found that two people suffocated as a result of gas inhalation after a gas leak occurred inside the house.


Transfer the injured to the hospital

The Fayoum Ambulance Facility drove a car to the leakage site, and the injured were transferred to Fayoum General Hospital, to provide them with the necessary medical care, and put them on respirators until their health condition improves and they are allowed to be discharged.


Separation of natural gas from the house

The gas company was notified, which immediately moved to the leak site, where the necessary measures were taken, and the gas was disconnected from the house until the leakage was repaired, and the gas was re-pumped again.

The necessary record was drawn up, and the necessary legal measures were taken regarding the incident, its circumstances and circumstances, and the competent authorities that undertook the investigation were notified.



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