The story of a French teacher in Saudi Arabia.. who wears the abaya and the shemagh


French teacher William Boy drew attention to him after he appeared in traditional Saudi dress, spoke Arabic fluently, adhered to customs and traditions in his conversations, and sampled Saudi foods such as margoog and kabsa through a series of music videos that he broadcast on social media, so that he could build wide follow-up base.

The French language teacher residing in Riyadh, a boy, presented his vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in his own way, expressing his admiration for the Arabic language, which encouraged him to obtain a master’s degree, and to return to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because of his love for his homeland. People especially after his first visit to Hajj.

William in the desert

In the details that the boy narrated in his interview with, he said: “My brother and I converted to Islam, as did my mother, who died while she was a Muslim, and after her departure, my brother and I did.” I started the Hajj in 2005. My love for Saudi Arabia dates back to the age of 18, and at that time I decided to learn the language, after which I continued to study Arabic at the university in France until the bachelor’s level, and later I got my master’s degree, and I started writing a novel in Arabic and visited Arab Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, to practice the language.

Arabic language practice

And he continued: “I practiced the Arabic language during my visit to Umrah in 2005, and within two weeks I visited Medina, Mecca and Jeddah, and during the trip I spoke with Saudis to learn the entrances and exits of the dialect. He returned to Riyadh and lived with my fellow Saudis, so that I learned more about the language and gained more knowledge.” He also listened to the songs of Mohamed Abdo.


William in Saudi attire


sense of belonging

He continued: “I feel as if I belong to Saudi Arabia, and I love living in it and dealing with its people, as it is a country of mercy, happiness and tranquility, and for this I decided to teach French to non-native speakers, so that I could live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and benefit Saudi students, and I also attended many special events.” In a translation challenge with my students whom I teach French, my team took first place:

And he continued: “I love the details of life in Saudi Arabia, the way of greeting and peace, respect for the guest, the words of reception and giving gifts, until I merged with the Saudis and made great friendships with them from different regions. “

He concluded by saying that the Saudis love beauty, tenderness and elegance, and this is what suits the French, and there is a great rapprochement between the two countries, he said. Many Saudis love to speak French, and my dream is to open a French language center in Saudi Arabia.



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