JOY AWARDS “Beyond Imagination” Concert

JOY AWARDS “Beyond Imagination” Concert
JOY AWARDS “Beyond Imagination” Concert

“Al-Jazeera” – Riyadh:

The Saudi capital, Riyadh, renewed its date with one of the largest artistic and entertainment events in the region ever, which is the “Entertainment Makers Awards” ceremony, in its third edition, presented by the General Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the umbrella of the “Riyadh Season”, and co-organized by the “MBC Group”.

In the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, His Excellency Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, the ceremony witnessed a crowded presence of elite stars of art, cinema, drama, sports and influencers from the Arab world, in addition to the press, media, public figures, senior invitees and guests, as well as a group of international stars. .

The events began with the passing of the stars and invitees on the lavender carpet in front of the lenses of photographers and Arab and international media, who rallied to cover one of the largest artistic and entertainment events in the region ever, while the proceedings of the ceremony were broadcast live on MBC1, MBC Egypt, MBC5 and MBC Iraq, in addition to the “Watch” video platform. On demand, without subscription, and the VIP package from “Shahid”.

On the other hand, a group of international stars who came specially to Riyadh starred during the ceremony, most notably Mel Gibson, Amitabh Bachchan, director Michael Bay, Sofia Vergara, Esther Acebo, in addition to Engin Akyurek, Demet Ozdemir, Aras Bulut Enimli.

The ceremony, which was presented by Wissam Braidy and Valerie Abu Chakra, began with a huge dance show titled “Sadiq Waf.” A documentary film entitled “Above Imagination” was also shown, which briefly reviewed the most prominent events, achievements and records achieved by the General Entertainment Authority during the 2022 season. The activities of the ceremony included the announcement of the names of the award winners – stars and works – within the various participating categories. In addition to the distribution of awards and honors, the ceremony witnessed various artistic, lyrical and entertainment performances presented on the stage by a group of great artists from the Arab world, successively, starting with: Rashid Al Majid, Ahmed Saad and Rahma Riyad, Marwan Khoury, Muhammad Mounir, then Nancy Ajram, followed by a joint performance by the international rapper REMA. With Dalia Mubarak, the band “Kairoke”.

The ceremony also included the screening of a documentary film entitled “A Tribute to Those Who Have Gone”, accompanied by a live musical performance with the international artist Pamela Ban Nicholson and the accompanying women’s orchestra. Last but not least, the ceremony concluded with the stars and artists ascending to the stage and taking a souvenir photo that brought them together with His Excellency Counselor Turki Al Sheikh.

Ceremony award winners

– In the category of dramas, Ibrahim Al-Hajjaj won the “Favorite Actor” award for his role in “Who is our son”, while Nadine Njeim won the “Favorite Actress” award for her role in “Salon Zahra”. The award for “Favorite New Face” was won by Hilda Yassin, while the award for “Favorite Series” went to “Salon Zahra”, and the award was received by producer Sadiq Al-Sabah and director Joe Bouaid.


– In the sports category, Moroccan football star Ashraf Hakimi won the “Favorite Athlete” award, and Saudi swimmer Maryam Salih bin Laden won the “Favorite Athlete” award.


In the cinema category, Ahmed Ezz won the “Favorite Actor” award for his role in the movie “Kira Wal Jinn”; While Hind Sabry won the “Favorite Actress” award for her role in the movie “Kira Waljen”, and the “Favorite Film” award went to “Kira Waljn”, where the award was received by director Marwan Hamed.

– In the category of influencers, Ahmed Al Shugairi won the “Favorite Influencer” award, and Abeer Al Sagheer won the “Favorite Female Influencer” award.

In the music category, Juri Kattan won the “Favorite New Voice” award, Abdul Majeed Abdullah won the “Favorite Artist” award, Angham won the “Favorite Female Artist” award, and the “Favorite Song” award went to “Thank you” to Asala.

Honorary Awards

His Excellency Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh presented the “Diamond Entertainment Makers” award to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “MBC Group”, Waleed bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim.

Al-Sheikh also presented the “Honorary Entertainment Makers” award to international star Mel Gibson and international star Esther Acebro, and stars of the Arab world Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki, Muhammad Mounir, Rashid Al Majid, Souad Abdullah and Hayat Al Fahad, Angham, Nawal Al Kuwaiti, Salem Al Hindi.

As for the “Lifetime Achievement” award, Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan and international director Michael Bay were awarded, while international star Sofia Vergara received the “Person of the Year” award.

It is worth noting that the “Entertainment Makers” awards are distinguished by the fact that they chose the audience themselves for the winners through the Joy Awards application, and chose them from among a group of nominees for the categories of cinema, music, social influencers, sports, and drama series.



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