Get to know the business stars who shone in the sky of politics..Trump is a model

Updated Monday 1/23/2023 04:10 PM Abu Dhabi time

In various countries of the world, politics is considered a game of the wealthy who seek power and achieve positions, but it is rare to see who can combine the two worlds.

In this report for “Enterpreneo”, the most prominent successful businessmen, who have also succeeded in realizing their dreams in the field of politics, are revealed.

Mallya Vijay

From the state of India, he comes among the prominent economic and business administration figures who have succeeded in the field of politics as well. In addition to his inclusion in the list of the richest people in India in the 41st place, he succeeded in making his way in parliamentary life, and was chosen for a period as a member of parliament in India.

In addition, the Indian businessman owns the airline Kingfisher, and his fortune reached $ 1.2 billion.

Donald Trump

The mention of business administration and politics cannot come without mentioning one of the most successful figures who have reached the utmost levels of success in the two fields, and he is the famous American billionaire Donald Trump.

In addition to owning financial institutions that made his fortune worth $3.2 billion, Trump succeeded in becoming the 44th elected US president in the history of the United States, and spending a single presidential term.


Michael Blumberg

Among the world’s rich people who have succeeded in both the fields of politics and economics, is the famous American entrepreneur Michael Bloomberg.


His beginnings in the world of economics were as an investor in the Wall Street Stock Exchange, and he succeeded in establishing one of the largest news agencies in the world, in addition to that he succeeded in assuming the position of Mayor of New York City for three terms, and his wealth amounts to $ 76.8 billion.


Silvio Berlusconi

Among the most famous businessmen in the world who have succeeded in achieving a career in the world of politics, is the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

And the size of Berlusconi’s economic institutions to 150 institutions, and his wealth amounts to $ 6.8 billion, and besides that he succeeded in being prime minister of Italy for three terms.




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