Friday wisdom | Miscellaneous | Ammon news agency

Friday wisdom | Miscellaneous | Ammon news agency
Friday wisdom | Miscellaneous | Ammon news agency

Ammon – Friday wisdom

Today (Friday).. I ask my Lord to have (Friday) with you in Jannatul Firdaus.. Amen.

When you search for light in a time of darkness, I invite you to read Surat Al-Kahf on Friday.

Friday has passed and Friday has come.

Today is Friday, and you have a candle from me that does not melt or burn, in which all the meanings of love combined.

Oh God, make the hearts of your loved ones taste the taste of your forgiveness and the sweetness of your love, open the ears of their hearts to your remembrance and fear of you, forgive them with your generosity, and admit them to your paradise with your mercy.

May God make your gathering forgiveness for the slips of a week ago and a good omen for the week to come.

May the Most Merciful make you happy on this day, and your chest will not be narrowed, nor will you be disappointed in it, and He will make every step for you success and ease, and keep you healthy for eternity.

May God perfume your gathering with the winds of Paradise, shade you with the branches of its orchards, and water you from the fallout of its abundance.

I ask God on Friday.. to endear a righteous creation within you, and from the hand of His Prophet to give you water, and in Paradise to shelter you, and with mercy to contain you, and with His decree to please you, and by His grace He enriches you, and to His obedience He guides you, and from His torment He saves you, and from the evil of envy He suffices you.. Amen.

Beautiful words about Friday

Oh God, on this blessed day, make it a blessed day for the dearest people to me, in which supplications are not rejected, and grant him sustenance that is not counted, and open for him a door in Paradise that will not be blocked, and gather him in the group of our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.

Love is a blessing from God, and the loss of loved ones is alienation, and meeting them is comfort and pleasure, so peace be upon those whose memory remains in the heart, and if they are absent from our sight, I prayed to the Lord to protect and take care of them .. Blessed Friday.

Oh God, whoever opens my message on Friday.

Do not be addicted to thinking, for God is the One who has control.. Do not worry about the unknown, for everything is known to my Lord.. Reassure your faithful heart, for you are in the eyes of God, the Preserver.. His gifts are not prevented by dams.. Say in your heart: God is with me, God is looking at me and is witness to me.. God bless you And let your hope reach you as long as your command is delegated to the Most High, the Preserver (blessed Friday).

O He Who holds the reins of affairs and all good, make for my loved ones on this day an answered prayer.. and with every breath of air a displaced Goddess, and in every moment of nearness and obedience.

Lord.. On Friday, you promised Your servants to accept their prayers, I will pray for a heart close to mine: Oh God, grant him what you want, and provide his heart with what he wants, and make it yours as you want.. Oh God, decree for him before you allow the Friday sun to set.

The world and its adornment may preoccupy us.. but the heart keeps remembering you.. and the eye remains eager to see you.. and supplication remains in the back of the unseen for you.. have a good gathering.. and may God accept your obedience.
As much as you love God, people love you.. and as much as you fear God, people fear you.. and as much as you work in God, people work in your affairs.. so may God bless you and make you happy at all times and times.. Oh God, Amen.

O you who expect all good from him, and love him for the sake of God and nothing else.


May God make Friday morning light for you, and his afternoon joy, his age is good news, and his sunset is forgiveness, and He made for you an invocation that does not return, and He gave you sustenance that is not counted, and He opened for you a door in Paradise that does not block.
Oh God, wake him up in the most beloved of times to you, so he remembers you and remembers him, and he asks for your forgiveness, so you forgive him, and he seeks you, so you give him, and he seeks your help, so you help him, and he loves you, so you love him and honor him, and I bear witness that I love him in you, so protect him and preserve his religion for him .. and make his heart happy always, and bless him in his gathering .. Amen, Lord of the worlds.


A thousand joys enlighten your life.. A thousand sweet words from me say to you.. Happy Friday.

The best thing to say on Friday

I ask Him who manifested Himself above Him and responded on this day to those who called Him to give you His gifts, grant you Paradise and His pleasure, and bless this day of yours and the ones that follow it.. Amen.

Oh God, grant this precious one joy that is not tainted by sadness, happiness that is not disturbed by misery, and wellness that does not go away.

I asked God for the success of the companions whose memories are as fragrant as the fragrance of musk.

Friday is a gathering, its angels are listening, its work is lifted, and its supplication is heard, so ask God to accept your work, forgive your sin, and include you in His mercy.. (Blessed Friday).

On Friday morning, I present to you the most beautiful gift: I pray to God, the Lord of the Ancient House, to be your close cornerstone and your close neighbor, and to bring you out of the narrow throat to the broadness of the road, with relief from Him close and close, and to remove all distress and distress from you, and to suffice you from the evil and harm that you can bear and what you cannot bear .. and lead you to Paradise. .. Amen and all Muslims, Happy Friday.

Oh God, whoever loves me and prays for me, I ask you for the highest paradise, and whoever guarantees me or backbites me and says what is not in me, I have forgiven him, blessed Friday.

God made you like a rain that when it comes, people rejoice in it.. And if it decreases, it will benefit them, and if it leaves, its impact will remain for them.. And bless you with your money and your family.. And make for you between every Friday the reward of the worker and the reward of the worshiper.. And gather us and you in the highest paradise (God is Amen).

God made on Friday a light for you, his back is a pleasure, his age is good news, his sunset is forgiveness, he made for you an invocation that is not answered, and he gave you an unlimited sustenance, and he opened a door to heaven for you that will not be blocked.. Oh God, Amen.

May the Lord touch you with spirit and basil.. and contentment and contentment.. I ask God Almighty, Lord of the Great Throne, at this great time and on this great day, to connect you with what was cut off, and make up for you what was broken, and facilitate for you what is difficult, and bring you closer to what is after, and fix for you what has been corrupted, and fulfill what you wish for, and be kind. With what happened to the ingredients.

(For Friday) Lord, on Friday, I promised your servants to accept their prayers.. On it, I will pray for a heart close to my heart.. Oh God, grant him what he wants, and grant his heart what he wants, and make it for you as you want.. Oh God, decree that for him before you allow the Friday sun to set.. Amen.

May the Lord bless you with His pleasure, inform you of His pardon and forgiveness, and make you among the foremost to the gardens of His gardens, honor you by looking at the glorifications of His face and its light, and make you happy as a martyr is pleased with the company of his family and friends.

From the heart to the heart.. Every Friday, you are closer to the Most Merciful.. Every Friday, the sheets of your good deeds are heavier.. Every Friday, your concern for Heaven is greater.

For your example, words are softened and invitations are sent, and for your example, the heart chants, declaring your love for God. Good morning and a blessed Friday, God willing.

Oh God, a Friday that has preceded, you have managed and your servant forgot what he did in it, so you counted him on him.. Oh God, what you counted on him of faults, so let him cover you and what you counted on him of sins, so wash him with the overflow of your forgiveness, and this Friday has come, so help us all, O my Lord, O Merciful.

Oh God, you who sent down rain from your sky and brought out trees from your land, open the door of your sustenance and success for my loved ones, and make the light of your honorable face a lamp that illuminates the path for the reader of my message, and may God bless your gathering and the rest of your days.



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