“Al Jazeera Farmers”: the collapse of 85% of the irrigation networks, the largest Sudanese projects


According to the gathering of demands, this collapse comes in conjunction with other cracks that the Al-Jazeera and Al-Manaqil projects suffer from.

Khartoum: Change

The Al-Jazeera and Al-Manaqil Farmers Alliance revealed the collapse of 85% of the irrigation network structure in the project, which is mainly based on the flow irrigation system.

The Gezira project – the largest agricultural project in Sudan – faces many problems, on top of which is financing.

The military coup on October 25, 2021 blocked the way for projects announced by the Netherlands to be implemented in Sudan, to support and rehabilitate the irrigation infrastructure in the Gezira project, including the participation of Dutch companies in silting and weed removal operations.


The Al-Jazirah Farmers and Al-Manaqil Alliance said in a press statement that the collapse occurred in 85% of the irrigation network structure, according to Al-Jarida newspaper published today, Monday.


While the Demand Body Association (a popular pressure group) clarified that this collapse occurs in conjunction with other cracks that the Al-Jazeera and Al-Manaqil project suffers from.

And in light of the persecution operations that affected many farmers due to the inability to repay the accumulated loans in favor of companies that managed to control the production process.

In addition to its contribution to the impoverishment of farmers, through its control over the prices of production inputs and also crop revenues through the Agricultural Bank.

The assembly called for restoring the farmers’ stolen rights, and protecting them from the greed that besieged them before, after and during each season.

In addition to developing equitable solutions to their issues, and reviewing laws that inherit poverty, to avoid farmers losing their land as an inevitable consequence of its continuation.



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