Saudi Arabia launches an initiative to bring domestic workers from Indonesia


Riyadh – Mubasher: Human resources and recruitment companies launched a “specific” recruitment initiative from Indonesia, which is for Indonesian domestic workers, at a value of 19.98 thousand riyals, including recruitment costs and fees, not including value-added.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, human resources companies stated that the initiative comes with a monthly installment of 1,750 riyals, not including value-added, and a contract for a period of 24 months, renewable at the desire of the employer and the worker.

This initiative comes from the companies with the aim of providing a new service in the Saudi market. In proportion to the needs of customers and to fulfill their desires, bearing in mind that this service keeps the worker on behalf of the company throughout the contract period.

It is noteworthy that the companies continue to work side by side to achieve the aspirations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development by providing what meets the needs of society by offering various services commensurate with the income and nature of Saudi families.

And the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in September 2022 obligated all establishments that provide mediation services in the recruitment of domestic workers not to exceed the highest ceiling of costs set by the ministry.; With the aim of regulating procedures and price governance in the recruitment market, controlling and following up on their implementation to ensure the quality of services provided.

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