Irving and LeBron hang out on the night of the Nets and Lakers win

Irving and LeBron hang out on the night of the Nets and Lakers win
Irving and LeBron hang out on the night of the Nets and Lakers win

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Los Angeles: The stars Kyrie Irving and LeBron James excelled, scoring 38 and 37 points respectively, and led their teams, the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers, to defeat the defending champion Golden State Warriors 120 116 and the Portland Trail Blazers 121 112 Sunday, in the NBA competitions.

On the other hand, the Denver Nuggets, the leaders of the Western region, suffered their first loss in their last ten matches against their guest, Oklahoma City Thunder, 101-99.

At the “Chaise Center” in California, the Nets, missing the efforts of its star Kevin Durant, who was absent from the stadiums for 6 games due to his knee injury, regained the winning streak after 4 defeats thanks to the efforts of Irving, who took upon himself the offensive part against the Warriors, and accepted it against the Utah Jazz on Friday. scoring 38 points.

Irving, who scored 12 out of 22 shots, including 5 out of 7 on three-pointers, found his fellow warrior Nick Claxton his best support, as he scored 24 points and picked up 15 rebounds.

Irving also passed his decisive ninth ball to Royce O’Neal (16 points), who made a “killer” long throw 28.5 seconds before the final whistle.

6 minutes before that, the Warriors were ahead by 13 points, before collapsing after scoring only 10 points compared to 27 for his opponent, without the star distributor Stephen Curry being able to save him despite scoring 26 points, in addition to 7 assists.

The Warriors fell to tenth place in the Western Region, ahead of the Lakers, who beat the Blazers, despite losing the second quarter 45 13.


And the Lakers overturned its delay by 25 points during one of the match periods, to an exhibition victory thanks to “King” James, who has 37 points, 11 follow-ups and 4 assists, as he is no longer missing only 224 points in order to write his name in the league records as the best recorder in history in front of the legend Karim Abdel. Al-Jabbar (38,387 points).


In addition to the “King”, Thomas Bryant starred with 31 points and 14 rebounds.

In Denver, the Nuggets were affected by the absence of Serbian star Nikola Jokic, who injured his hamstring, to lose to Oklahoma, which returned to its best levels by achieving its fifth victory in six games.

Once again, Canadian Shay Gilgos Alexander was decisive, scoring 34 points, including a decisive middle-distance basket 9 seconds before the end.

On the other hand, Jamal Murray (26 points and 9 assists) missed the equalizing basket seconds before the final whistle.

Denver maintained its lead over runner-up Memphis Grizzlies, who lost to the Phoenix Suns, by two points, 110,112, after trailing by 29 points in the third quarter.

And the Suns regained the efforts of its veteran star, Chris Paul, who scored 22 points to 11 assists, after returning from a thigh injury after being absent for a period of seven games. Mikal Bridges also contributed 24 points.

On the losing team, Ja Morant (27 points) and Desmond Payne (24) carried the Memphis flag without preventing its second defeat in a row.



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