Urgent, serious warnings from the Saudi Meteorology .. Heavy rain for a whole week in these areas

Urgent, serious warnings from the Saudi Meteorology .. Heavy rain for a whole week in these areas
Urgent, serious warnings from the Saudi Meteorology .. Heavy rain for a whole week in these areas

After forecasting the meteorologists at the end of last week that this week will witness heavy thunderstorms, yesterday the meteorologists made a full report predicting the places that will witness rain from tomorrow, Sunday, January 22, until next Thursday, and this report also includes the amount of rain that will fall and what will accompany it.

Thunderstorms from Sunday to Thursday

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The Saudi meteorology expects rain in several different regions in the Kingdom, starting from tomorrow evening, Sunday, until next Thursday, corresponding to January 26.

The meteorological report was divided into two parts, where in the first part, rain falls from Sunday to Thursday, in those regions (Riyadh-Sharqia-Jazan-Makkah Al-Mukarramah-Al-Baha-Asir-Qassim-Hail).

As for the second part of the report, it was raining from Monday to Thursday in those areas (Madinah-Makkah-Al-Mukarramah-Northern Borders).

The reports indicated that the rains are moderate in general, and may reach torrential rain in some areas and at some times.

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Thunderstorms from Sunday to Thursday

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Saudi weather today

  • The maximum temperature is 22°, the minimum temperature is 9°, and the temperature is expected to rise by 2° tomorrow.
  • There is no chance of rain today, and the chance will increase from tomorrow until the end of the week, and the chance of rain will reach its maximum on next Wednesday, January 25.
  • The humidity is 62%, the wind is weak, 5 km / h.
  • The sky is partly cloudy and will continue in this situation until next Monday evening, allowing the sky to be completely cloudy until the end of Thursday.

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Is there rain in Saudi Arabia?

Conditions today are stable and the rate of precipitation is 0%. Rain is expected to start from tomorrow evening (Sunday).

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How do I know where it is raining?

By downloading RainViewer on the mobile phone from the App Store.

How is the weather in Mecca today?

  • The maximum temperature is 31°, the minimum temperature is 19°.
  • Humidity is high 79%.
  • The wind is almost idle at 2 km/h.
  • The chance of rain is 10%.

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