Not just white lies.. 6 types of liars, know them and how to deal with them


Some believed that it is not possible to live without lying, and at the same time they do not consider it a lie, but rather consider it a way to get rid of problems that can occur and worsen into disasters, and despite that there are also some lies that can be described as disastrous and painful, and may reach It is a reason for severing many relationships, and regardless of the reasons for lying, there are types of lying, which “The Seventh Day” presents to you so that you can deal with those who lie to you, according to the website’s bulletin.stylecraz“.


Compulsive liars

They naturally do not like lying and they are forced or forced, and this is what causes them to sweat severely and stumble in speech while talking, and they are afraid to look you in the eye, and there are two types of these, narcissistic liars and habitual liars, as narcissists usually make big stories centered around themselves, and make themselves heroes, but those who are accustomed do not see any harm in that.


sick liars

They are the ones who are experienced in lying. These people are excellent liars because they lie constantly and make up stories unnecessarily. It is almost impossible to know them, as they are good at making eye contact while lying. The reason for their lying may be a lot of trauma in the beginning of their lives, so lying has become a means of protection.

social liars

They are liars who lack empathy, as they do not concern themselves with whether this lie will affect others or not, as all his goal is to save himself only, they are also skilled in manipulating everyone and not only those who talk to him, this liar will continue to socially manipulate you and make you see Things his way until you give him what he wants.


white lie

They are people who see that their lies are harmless, but rather beneficial to some, especially those around him. White liars often confuse the truth with lies, so that if someone catches them, they confirm their good intentions.


Careless liars

Most careless liars realize that they are liars and possess many bad qualities, which support their lying, and although they know this, it does not mean that they will change themselves or even admit it, so be prepared to walk away from them instead of being cursed by them.

False characters
False characters

Accidental liars

As for the occasional liars, they are people who lie when they have to, but they no longer feel guilty and admit their mistake and ask for forgiveness, in addition to that he will feel sorry, and he will want to work on that and change, for himself first.

How to deal with a lying character

The best way to deal with liars is to confront them firmly, but politely and calmly, and tell them that you are aware of the truth, and that you will not tolerate lying, and keep silent, and that is better for you and him, otherwise this may become a habit for him and he does not give up a lie, it is natural that the liar can not admit a lie In front of you if you confront him, but if his conscience is alive, he will remain silent and will not repeat what he did.



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