Who is the Real Madrid goalkeeper who won the 2023 Yashin Cup?


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Who is the Real Madrid goalkeeper who won the 2023 Yashin Cup?the goalkeeper who is credited with the first credit for many of Real Madrid’s victories, who was able to win the applause and praise of everyone, and who is the safety valve in guarding Real Madrid’s lair, and through our article on the My Articles website, we will be able to get to know the Real Madrid goalkeeper and the winner of the Real Madrid Cup Yashin 2023.

Who is the Real Madrid goalkeeper who won the 2023 Yashin Cup?

The Real Madrid goalkeeper and Yashin Cup winner for the year 2023 is Thibaut Courtois, who holds Brazilian citizenship.The Yashin Cup was presented by “France Football” magazine at the Golden Ball ceremony that was held two days ago at the Châtelet Theater in Paris. Courtois graduated from Genk at the age of eighteen, and he had a prominent role in the victory of the Belgium team, But in 2011 he managed to join Chelsea, and was loaned to play with Atletico Madrid, and he was able to contribute to the team’s victory in three seasons, and he won many awards, including the Zamor Award as the best goalkeeper in the Spanish League.

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Thibaut Courtois Biography

To learn about the most important information about Thibaut Courtois, we present his biography as follows:

  • full name: Marc Thibault Nicolas Courtois.
  • Nickname: Thibaut Courtois.
  • place of birth: Brie, Belgium.
  • residence: Madrid, Spain.
  • date of Birth: He was born on the eleventh of May 1992 AD.
  • Age: He is 30 years old.
  • height: 99 metres.
  • the weight: 96 kg.
  • Nationality: Belgian.
  • Ethnicity: Belgian.
  • Occupation: professional football player.
  • play center: A goal keeper.
  • Current team: Spanish Real Madrid team.
  • Previous team: English Chelsea team
  • Mother tongue: Dutch, French.
  • Other languages: Spanish and English.
  • Years of work: From 2009 until now.

How old is Thibaut Courtois?

Courtois reports 30 years He was born on May 11, 1992 AD, in the city of Brie, Belgium. He has a sister named Avalieri. Courtois was not interested in football in his childhood, but rather he was interested in gymnastics, but he was unable to achieve excellence in it, so his parents persuaded him to go to volleyball. However, he did not like it, so he decided to direct his interest to football, unlike his sister, who is a professional volleyball player.


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How tall is Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid goalkeeper?

Courtois, a Real Madrid team player and goalkeeper, is 1.99 meters tall, equivalent to 6.5 inches, and weighs 96 kg. Courtois is tall, so a coincidence made him a goalkeeper. He shows great abilities as a goalkeeper and from here he discovered his talent.

Instagram Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois has his own official and documented account on the Instagram platform, and his followers may reach more than 11 million followers from all over the world, and to access Courtois’s account and view its content directly “from here”.[1]

And here we come to the conclusion of our article after we got acquainted with Who is the Real Madrid goalkeeper who won the 2023 Yashin Cup?He is Thibaut Courtois, and we also got to know the most important information about his biography, in addition to learning about his age and height.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Courtois’ wife?

    The goalkeeper, Courtois, was married to his Spanish girlfriend, Marta Dominguez, and they had a daughter named Adriana, and a son named Nicholas, who was born a month after their separation, and is associated with an engagement relationship with the young Michelle Gerzig.



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