The difference between self-development and human development | Mix

The difference between self-development and human development | Mix
The difference between self-development and human development | Mix

Ammon – With the progress of modern civilization, human societies and the way of living changed, as man became required to keep pace with these changes and developments, and thus the concept of self-development and human development emerged to overcome the challenges of modern life.

However, there has become a confusion between the concepts of self-development and human development, as many believe that there is no difference between them. Some people think that they have the same meaning, but this is not true, and in this article we will explain the difference between them and introduce each of them in detail to make it easier for you to understand them and differentiate between them.

The concept of self-development refers to all activities, courses, books, and guiding means aimed at enhancing skills, experiences, work, and solving problems related to them in order to obtain a better life, as well as achieving one’s aspirations and dreams. Abraham Maslow is considered the first to introduce self-development in the professional field.

He suggested a sequence of needs represented in a hierarchical form, where at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy is self-realization, which is defined as “the desire to reach the image in which a person sees himself and achieve his aspirations and dreams.” This is considered one of the many benefits of self-development, and self-development is also represented by other skills such as Personality analysis, leadership skills, planning, multiple economic and managerial skills, and other self-psychological skills.

Benefits of self-development
There are many benefits to self-development, as it plays a major role in the personality of the individual, including:

Increased self-confidence.
Achieving goals and building the future.
Minimizing problems and difficulties.
Increased ability to take responsibility.
Achieving a balance between life and work.
Improve the level of personal skills.
Increase individual productivity.
Improving the psychological and mental health of a person.
Elements of self-development
It is necessary to identify the basic ingredients in self-development, in order to achieve goals and succeed in life, as follows:


Continuous learning.
Work with the team.
critical thinking.
Self confidence.
Human Development
It is a general term used by the United Nations to symbolize a large number of requirements to be achieved by governments to advance the general level of people in the world, and human development includes many things, including cultural areas, as it includes freedoms, recognition of the rights of others and democracy, in addition to having standards and standards a lot.


Human development is also a process of expanding human choices, as it depends on benefiting from it, whether in the field of work through the availability of opportunities for creativity, enjoyment of leisure time, enjoying self-rights, guaranteeing human rights and contributing to economic, political, cultural and social activities.

Human development benefits
There are five advantages to understanding human development, which are:

sense of management.
Increase focus and effectiveness.
feeling stimulated
Fundamentals of human development
Among the most important components of human development are the following:

the culture.
Enable community protection tools.



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