Who is Hussain Al Saleh, Maram Al Balushi’s husband?


Who is Hussain Al Saleh, Maram Al Balushi’s husband? His name is mentioned repeatedly whenever news about the Kuwaiti actress Maram Al Balushi passes through the pages of social networking sites or the media. Al-Balooshi is a first-class Kuwaiti artist and actress, who is very popular in Kuwait and most of the Gulf countries. The question that arises about who is Hussein Saleh, the husband of Maram Al Balushi, and about this question and other inquiries related to the private life of Maram Al Balushi, her husband and her family, we will review this article submitted by the reference site. to answer them all.

Who is Maram Al Balushi?

She is Maryam Jassim Muhammad Mahdi Al-Balushi, known in the media and artistically as Maram Al-Balushi. A Kuwaiti singer and actress, born on February 2, 1979. Maram Al Balushi is a multi-talented artist. And categories, everyone sings and meets his needs. Maram Al Balushi started her artistic career in 1997 AD by releasing her first album under the name (Ma I betray you), which contained five songs. In 1998, Al-Balushi released her second album, entitled (Friendship), in which she collaborated with the poet Asir Al-Shouq.

And with the beginnings of 2005 AD, Maram Al-Balushi entered the world of acting through her participation in the Kuwaiti series (The Awakening of Time), which was shown on the Saudi MBC1 channel, where she participated with great actors such as Suad Abdullah, and Muhammad Al-Mansour and Al-Balushi presented programs in 2011 AD, where she presented a program under the name ( Ghina) on Abu Dhabi TV, and she also co-presented the program (Sawalef Al-Duha) on the Kuwaiti Al-Shaheed channel. Channel.

Who is Hussain Al Saleh, Maram Al Balushi’s husband?

Hussain Saleh, Maram Al Balushi’s husband A Kuwaiti citizen from outside the artistic communityAnd he has features close to the Egyptian musician and distributor Hassan El Shafei, so this similarity raised many questions about him in an attempt to get to know information closely related to his personal life, and communication sites and some newspapers circulated his name after the news. About his separation from his wife, Maram Al Balushi, it spread in 2017 AD, after the spread of a picture published on Al Balushi’s account via Instagram, confirming this rumor, after which Maram Al Balushi denied this rumor and confirmed that her account had been hacked and that this rumor was not true. The marriage of Hussein Al-Saleh and Maram Al-Balooshi resulted in three children, and the couple lives with their children in Kuwait. Quiet and safe.

Sons of Hussein Saleh and Maram Al Balushi

After a marriage that lasted for years between Hussein Saleh and Maram Al Balushi, the couple had three children, and the family lived in a quiet atmosphere, away from the limelight and fame. Hussein Saleh, Maram Al Balushi’s husband, prefers to distance himself and his children from the media and lights and not talk about the details of their personal lives in the media or followers, but Maram publishes from time to time some pictures of her. Her little family and her husband without disclosing any details, and their children are:

  • Janan Hussein Saleh.
  • Jumana Hussein Saleh.
  • Ali Hussein Saleh.

Biography of Maram Al Balushi

  • full name: Maryam Jassim Muhammad Mahdi Al Balushi.
  • Technical name: Maram Al Balushi.
  • date of Birth February 2, 1979 AD.
  • nationality: Kuwaiti.
  • Omar: 42 years old.
  • husband name: Hussein Saleh.
  • occupation: Singing and acting.
  • number of children: three sons.
  • The beginning of her artistic career: 1997.
  • Astrological sign: Aquarius.

Maram Al Balushi had a heart attack

During the presence of the Kuwaiti actress Maram Al Balushi in Egypt in 2019 AD, she had a heart attack, specifically in May 2019 AD, when she was transferred to a Cairo hospital, and a cardiac catheterization operation was performed for her, and a heart stent was installed, and while filming the series Angel of Mercy, Maram Al Balushi was injured She suffered a stroke due to elevated heart enzymes during her work, and was transferred to the hospital in June 2021 AD. As a result of these complications, the Kuwaiti artist and singer tries to be careful and avoid any pressures that may cause complications for her as a result of excessive pressure or work.

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Works by Maram Al Balushi

During her artistic career, which began in 1997 AD and until now, Maram Al Balushi presented a group of artistic works such as series, plays and songs, and she also presented some artistic programs as follows:


Maram Al Balushi series

Where Maram Al Balushi presented a large number of Kuwaiti and Gulf artistic series, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • 2005 AD: The awakening of time.
  • 2006 AD: grindstone.
  • 2007 AD: Brave fighter.
  • 2007 AD: A native.
  • 2008 AD: Abla Noura.
  • 2008 AD: Silver with a white heart.
  • 2009 AD: Mother of girls.
  • 2009 AD: The orphan is torn apart.
  • 2010 AD: emotions.
  • 2010 AD: After I was fine.
  • 2011 AD: Little hope.
  • 2011 AD: Second chance.
  • 2012 AD: between the past and love.
  • 2012 AD: Stranger from home.
  • 2013 AD: And the days go on.
  • 2013 AD: Halal and haram.
  • 2014 AD: High heels.
  • 2014 AD: David ticket.
  • 2015 AD: Bora Bora.
  • 2015 AD: breakable.
  • 2016 AD: crook.
  • 2016 AD: bamboo trunk
  • 2017 AD: memories never die.
  • 2017 AD: It was at all times.
  • 2018 AD: The concealer is bigger.
  • 2018 AD: Casual street.
  • 2019 AD: virgin.
  • 2019 AD: Cairo batch.
  • 2020 AD: My dear father.
  • 2020 AD: The universe in the palm of your hand.
  • 2021 AD: Chloe Nash.[1]

Maram Al Balushi plays

Al Balushi participated in a number of plays that had an impact on Gulf society, including:

  • 2000 AD: Baby show in Bahrain.
  • 2005 AD: croon.
  • 2006 AD: Fella and Hassan.
  • 2006 AD: sixth seance.
  • 2010 AD: Lily and the two.
  • 2011 AD: love story.
  • 2011 AD: wonderland.
  • 2012 AD: Bnaider chalet.
  • 2012 AD: City of Penguins.
  • 2013 AD: Ren’s world.
  • 2014 AD: City of Penguins Part Two.
  • 2015 AD: Ann Volo.
  • 2016 AD: Morris watch.
  • 2017 AD: Country girl Sally.
  • 2018 AD: for women only.
  • 2019 AD: Newton.
  • 2019 AD: Devil steps.

Maram Al Balushi albums

Maram Al Balushi presented a large number of albums and musical songs, and these albums are as follows:

  • 1997 AD: I do not betray you.
  • 1998 AD: honest.
  • 2000 AD: cocky.
  • 2002 AD: media.
  • 2004 AD: Dala girls.
  • 2007 AD: Maram 2007.

Music videos

Among the many songs that Maram Al Balushi sang, she filmed a number of them in a video clip, which are:

  • 1997 AD: I do not betray you.
  • 1997 AD: Limbo.
  • 1998 AD: honest.
  • 1998 AD: Trouble trail.
  • 2000 AD: Don’t say goodbye to me
  • 2000 AD: I swear to God.
  • 2002 AD: Promise me.
  • 2002 AD: Neighbor’s daughter.
  • 2004 AD: Dala girls.
  • 2006 AD: ally.
  • 2008 AD: Alali.
  • 2008 AD: let him go

Maram Al Balushi’s Instagram

The Kuwaiti actress and artist, Maram Al Balushi, has a personal account documented with the blue badge on the Instagram platform, and the number of followers of this account is more than one million and two hundred thousand followers, through which she is interested in publishing. Her private photos, as well as some excerpts and photos of some of her works. Al Balushi is also interested in publishing some of her family photos with her husband and children, and you can follow this account. From here, or by searching for the following account (marambloushi).[2]

Who is Hussain Al Saleh, Maram Al Balushi's husband?

Who is Hussain Al Saleh, Maram Al Balushi's husband?

And at the end of the article Who is Hussain Al Saleh, Maram Al Balushi’s husband? We talked about the artist Maram Al Balushi, her husband Hussein Saleh, and her personal biography, and we touched on the fact that she separated from her husband and mentioned her children from Hussein Saleh, as we mentioned the artistic artist Maram Al Balushi. and lyrical works, and at the end we mentioned her Instagram account.



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