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Who is the wife of the President of Chechnya Wikipedia, what is the religion of the President of Chechnya, One of the most famous presidents in the world, he assumed power after the death of his father despite his young age, but he was able to rule an entire country. He is considered the spoiled child of Russia due to his closeness to President Putin. He appeared recently after declaring his full support for Russia in its war against Ukraine. And through the Al-Sa’a newspaper website, we will discuss who is Ramzan Kadyrov and Wikipedia, What is the religion of Ramzan KadyrovWho is his wife and how many children.

Who is the President of Chechnya on Wikipedia

The current Chechen president is Ramzan Kadyrov, a former leader of the Chechen rebels and the eldest son of the former Chechen president, Ahmed Kadyrov, who was assassinated in 2004. Ramzan assumed this position after reaching the age of thirty, i. Ramadan was the first party in the many political controversies that occurred in Chechnya. For this, he was widely criticized by the international press, was fond of sports, and established several martial arts clubs.

Who is the wife of the President of Chechnya – Wikipedia.

The wife of the President of Chechnya, Medani Musayevna Kadyrova, a Chechen citizen, was born in Chechnya in September 1978. President Kadyrov constantly talks about his wife and their love story and family relations, and he mentioned in the press that their first meeting was at a school where he was two years younger than her, and since then it has been time He has been looking at her for a long time, and he always took the initiative to talk to her, but she did not let him out of Kadyrov and married her in 1995 AD, when she was 17 years old, but due to state problems, they rarely met each other during the marriage period.


Who are the children of the President of Chechnya

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov gave birth to 3 boys and 6 girls from his wife, Madani, in addition to having children whom Kadyrov adopted in 2007. The following are the names of the children of the Chechen President

  • Ramzan Kadyrov’s move.
  • Karina Ramzan Kadyrov.
  • Khadi Ramzan Kadyrov.
  • Blessing Ramzan Kadyrov.
  • Ashura Ramzan Kadyrov.
  • Aishat Ramzan Kadyrov.
  • Akhmad Ramzan Kadyrov.
  • Zelimkhan Ramzan Kadyrov.
  • Adam Ramzan Kadyrov.

What is the religion of the President of Chechnya?

The true religion of the Chechen president is The Sunni Islamic religion, and he follows the Qadari Sufi sects. Very close to the state of Russia led by Putin, especially after Russia declared war on Ukraine, he stood with him in the war to return a large part of what he gave him from it, giving him the title of general years ago, and since that time the Chechen president has mobilized his forces of more than 12 thousand fighters in order to support Russia In all its wars, he also emphasized the presence of volunteers who are fully prepared to fight at any time.

In conclusion, that is why we finished with this article called Who is the wife of the President of Chechnya and Wikipedia, in which we met the President of Chechnya, who is his wife, as well as the number of the children of the President of Chechnya and their names, and we hope that you have won your admiration.



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