Al-Kombis interviews the motive for the “burning of the Qur’an” cartoons.. Frick: I apologize for what he did to Al-Wudan

Al-Kombis interviews the motive for the “burning of the Qur’an” cartoons.. Frick: I apologize for what he did to Al-Wudan
Al-Kombis interviews the motive for the “burning of the Qur’an” cartoons.. Frick: I apologize for what he did to Al-Wudan

Frick, 39, from Skåne, southern Sweden, has become one of the most famous people in the country in recent days, after it was revealed that he had paid the license fee for a Paludan rally. 320 SEK made the editor of the right-wing website Nyheter Idag and presenter of the SD channel Rix the talk of the Swedish media. What is his real motive? Does he bear responsibility for the international consequences of the increasingly difficult obstacles to Sweden’s accession to NATO, the massive international protests and calls for Sweden’s boycott of Al-Azhar University, for example? the combs%d8%a7%d9%84%d9%83%d9%88%d9%85%d8%a8%d8%b3news She interviewed Chang Frick over the phone about his position on all of these issues.

Frick seemed sad when Combs called him. At the time of the interview today, his name was associated with Paludan’s name on Twitter. As he told Combs, “This was not the attention I wanted (..) The idea that I am financing someone to burn the Qur’an makes me feel stomach cramps. this is not true”.

But you confirmed that you paid the fees for requesting a gathering in the valley in which the Qur’an was burned? Combs asks him, and he replies, “Yes, that is absolutely true. But in order to protest against Turkey, not to burn the Koran.”

Chang Frick explains that his motive was to survey his network of contacts on the right to see if it was possible to carry out a protest action against Turkey in the same way that left-wing activists did, referring to the “Rojava” demonstration that hung an effigy of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week. The person who fulfilled his request was Rasmus Paludan.

“I had no direct contact with Rasmus Paludan,” Frick says. “It was through a right-wing chat group. I tried to express that I believe that burning the Qur’an%d8%ad%d8%b1%d9%82-%d8%a7%d9%84%d9%85%d8%b5%d8%ad%d9%81news Inconvenient work, but unfortunately I should have been more clear. And I had to contact Paludan myself directly. That was wrong.”

“I wanted to burn the Turkish flag or make fun of Erdogan, for example,” he added.

Chatting with Paludan in a group called “Sabbath Chaos”

“big mistake”

In response to a question “Why do you think it is inappropriate to burn a copy of the Qur’an?”Frick replied, “I take religion very seriously. I do not make fun of people who believe in God. I myself grew up in a Christian family, we read the Bible and religion is sacred to us.”

Combs asks “But isn’t it strange that you cooperate with the incitement to Islam in Al-Waddan, especially since he was famous for burning the Qur’an and mocking Muslims?”. He replies, “I feel really stupid when thinking about what happened. It was a big mistake. I trusted my network contact was aware of the situation. In fact, I did not choose to cooperate with Paludan, it happened this way and everything went very quickly.

In the application for the license for which you paid the fees, the issue of demonstration must be specified. Did you not see that the matter was related to burning the Qur’an? Combs asks Frick, and he replies, “No, unfortunately I did not see the request, I only received the police bill. I only found out when I read about it in the media.”


Today, Al-Azhar University, the largest Islamic university in the world, called for a boycott of Swedish products. Do you feel any responsibility about it? Chang Frick answers Combs’ question by saying, “I feel some responsibility for the consequences, I made a mistake. I was going to talk to Paludan myself, but that didn’t happen. Anyone could have paid the fee, so it’s not certain that that wouldn’t have happened.”


whose idea?

You said that burning the Qur’an was not your idea, Paludan said it was not his idea either, so could it be SD’s idea? “No, SD has nothing to do with that,” Frick replies.

Frick is known to be close to the SD, which sparked speculation about the party’s relationship with the burning of the Qur’an, to which Frick replied, “Not many people want to be associated with a person like Rasmus Paludan, he is annoying in many ways and often acts alone. Jimmy Oakeson was talking about freedom of speech. But personally, I do not want the burning of the Qur’an to be a defense of freedom of expression.”

Expressen quoted Frick as saying, “Some people transferred some money through Swish for everything, and of course I will transfer this money to Paludan.” But when asked about it by Combs-Frick, he denied having passed any donations to Paludan, asserting that “about 220 kronor was sent via Swish to support an anti-Turkey protest, not to Paludan concretely”.

Do we understand from this that your purpose was to complicate Sweden’s accession to NATO? And if so, are you satisfied with the result? Frick replies, “No, that was not my goal. I think Sweden should not give in to Turkey’s demands. We must not lose face, and I realized that the government is weak on that. For example, we cannot extradite journalists (to Turkey). I wish the government was more clear about that.” “It is about protesting against Turkey, not against joining NATO per se,” he added.

Many Muslims are harmed by burning the Qur’an, do you understand that? And do you want to say something to them? Combs asks one last question to Frick, and he says, “Yes, I understand. I myself experienced it. My mother was a Jehovah’s Witness, a conservative Christian denomination. I understand what it means to be persecuted and to be seen as an outsider. It touches part of one’s identity, and an attack on what one believes in.”

Frick concludes his speech by saying, “As a Swede, I cannot help but apologize for what he did to Al-Wadan. I hope that next time Paludan chooses to read the Qur’an instead of burning it, that would be better.”

Yulia Agha

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