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Who is the founder of yeezy, the Yazi brand is known as specializing in the field of shoe manufacturing and has many branches in the world, and the yeezy company provides many ways to acquire its products and this global company whose products have become famous all over the world and which is one of the most important international brands in the shoe industry, and in brief In this article, we will talk in detail about this international brand, its founder, the life of the founder, and the most prominent awards he won during his life.

Yeezy company

The Yeezy brand is a world-famous brand in the shoe industry and has a very high market value of about one billion US dollars, and the production value of the first shoe for this brand was about two hundred dollars. As a result of the great interest from this brand for the manufacture of sports shoes, a partnership agreement was concluded between The famous German Adidas and the Yeezy company, and this union led to a lot of high-quality sportswear and wonderful and beautiful designs, and in the following we will talk about the founder of the international Yeezy brand.

Who is the founder of yeezy

The founder of yeezy is Kanye Amri West, a famous hip-hop singer, recording artist, writer, producer, director and fashion designer from Chicago, USA. Kanye West gained wide fame due to his success in many works in his life, especially his production and singing work, in addition to Writing songs, he was even classified as one of the best songwriters in history, and it is worth noting that Kanye West has many huge business projects, the most important of which is the establishment of Yeezy International, which is one of the most prominent companies in the shoe industry in the world today.



Information about the founder of yeezy

Kanye West was born on June 8, 1977 AD in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. When he was three years old, his parents separated and he had to move with his mother to Chicago, specifically in the city of Illinois. Kanye West’s love for various arts appeared since childhood and he wrote poetry at the age of five. He was of his age and was fond of music and drawing, and from a young age West was a fan of hip-hop music, and since he was in the third grade he started singing and rapping many musical compositions since he was in the seventh grade and when he was three years old only ten years ago he wrote a song “ Green Eggs and Ham” and this early genius in West’s life revolved around a person who would reach the world, until he became one of the richest men in the world today, with a fortune estimated at billions of dollars that he collected through his various businesses and huge commercial projects that he made in his life.



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