Who is Sarah El Zakaria on Wikipedia?

Who is Sarah El Zakaria on Wikipedia?
Who is Sarah El Zakaria on Wikipedia?

Who is Sarah Zakaria Wikipedia, who entered the world of fame from its widest doors in a short period, by presenting some of her songs that carried words that sparked controversy in the Arab and Lebanese street in particular, and there is great interest in knowing her most important upcoming works and what is the biography of the popular singer Sarah Zakaria Through the following lines in the article on our website, Al-Sa’a newspaper, we will provide you with the details.

Who is Sarah El Zakaria on Wikipedia?

Sarah Zakaria is a Lebanese artist from a Lebanese mother and father. She is known for her soft and beautiful voice and is famous for singing many popular Lebanese songs. The songs are very popular and have high ratings, and they also publish their own songs. albums on her Instagram account, which made her one of the most popular artists on social media.

The birth of singer Sarah Zakaria

From the biography of the Lebanese actress Sarah Zakaria, it is known that she was born in Lebanon when she was in her third decade, meaning that she was born in the eighties of the last century, and her exact year of birth is unknown. However, the facial features of the actress, Sarah Zakaria, show that she is approaching her third decade of life.

The most famous songs of singer Sarah Zakaria

The Lebanese singer Sarah Zakaria became famous for her beautiful voice and for singing many popular songs close to people’s hearts, and one of her most famous songs, which spread widely on social media

  • Snowy hands song for Abi Al-Kass.
  • Diamond crown song.
  • God’s song will lead you to their grief.
  • The song “Shab Ya Qalbi” is a recent song that I performed with the artist Muhannad Zuaiter.
  • Song, because I am a sheikh or pasha.
  • A song that never goes away.

The origin of Sarah Zakaria

The Lebanese singer Sarah Zakaria is of Lebanese origin, she has a Lebanese mother and a Lebanese father, and her artistic life may be concentrated in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, as she was known in a large number of Arab countries, but her popular song was the reason for her fame in Lebanon significantly more than in other Arab countries.


From which country does Sarah Al Zakaria belong?

Lebanese singer Sarah Zakaria. She was born there and holds citizenship. She is from a Lebanese family. Her mother and father are Lebanese. She also lives in Lebanon, and her fame in Lebanon is due to the songs that were mainly directed at the Lebanese, especially her popular songs and Dabkeh songs, which greatly increased her fame.


Who is Sarah Zakaria’s husband?

Sarah Al Zakaria’s husband, Muhannad Zuaiter, a well-known singer on social media, started his career quite simply. The reason is that he came from popular neighborhoods inhabited by ordinary people, and Muhannad Zeiter married the Lebanese artist Sarah Al-Zakaria after establishing a wonderful love affair with her that resulted in a successful marriage and joint works of art. Sarah Al Zakaria’s husband on Instagram

Muhannad Zwaiter on Instagram

Lebanese singer Muhannad Zuaiter, husband of Lebanese singer Sarah Zakaria, has more than 170,000 followers on Instagram.

Sarah Zakaria Instagram

The Lebanese singer Sarah Al-Zakaria has approximately 122,000 followers on her personal account on Instagram, and she constantly publishes her personal photos and some videos, in addition to her concert dates and new songs, and this account can be accessed “”.

With this information, we come to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about who is Sarah Zakaria and Wikipedia, a Lebanese singer who revived many popular songs that attracted the attention of the Lebanese and Arabs, and we talked about her most prominent songs, her husband and her Instagram account.



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