General / The Ministry of Health issues a guide for World Health Days for the first quarter of 2023, the Saudi Press Agency


Riyadh, Rajab 04, 1444 AH, corresponding to January 26, 2023 AD, SPA
The Ministry of Health has issued a guide for the Gulf and international health days, weeks and months for the first quarter of the current year 2023 AD.
The guide included these occasions, most notably, the launch day of Live Healthy, which fell on 1/1/2023 AD, the Gulf Cancer Week on the first of next February, the International Epilepsy Day on the date 2/2/2023 AD, and the World Cancer Day on 2/4/ 2 023 AD, International Childhood Cancer Day on 2/15/2023 AD, the Saudi Day for Healthy Marriage on 2/19/2023 AD, World Eating Disorder Week from 2/28/2023 AD to 3/6/2023 AD, and Cancer Awareness Month Colon and rectum, which falls on 3/1/2023 AD, World Hearing Day on 3/3/2023 AD, World Anti-Obesity Day, which falls on 3/4/2023 AD, National Walking Day on 3/5/2023 AD, and World Glaucoma Week on 8 March. 3/ 2023 AD until 3/14/ 2023 AD, and World Salt Week from 3/8/ 2023 AD until 3/14/ 2023 AD, and World Kidney Day on 3/9/ 2023 AD, and World Oral and Dental Health Day on 3/20 / 2023 AD, and the International Day of Down Syndrome on 3/21/2023 AD, and the first day Al-Mai Optical falls on 3/23/2023 AD, International Tuberculosis Day on 3/24/2023 AD, and International Bipolar Day on 3/30/2023 AD.
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