Who is Jacob Al-Farhan’s wife?

Who is Jacob Al-Farhan’s wife?
Who is Jacob Al-Farhan’s wife?

Who is the wife of Jacob Al-Farhan? The name of the Saudi artist, Jacob Al-Farhan, has been published in recent hours by search sites on the Internet, although he is one of the important names in the artistic community in the Gulf countries, especially since he presented a group of artworks in which he showed his great talent, which made him a large fan base looking forward to all His upcoming works through the following lines, we will provide you with them in addition to the name of his wife.

Who is Yaqoub Al-Farhan’s Wife?

Yacoub Al-Farhan’s wife is the Lebanese artist, Laila Louis Iskandar. She was born in the town of Qobayat in northern Lebanon. She holds Lebanese citizenship through her father and mother – retired Major General Louis Youssef – who is Lebanese. Iskandar, and her mother, the lady of law, the lawyer, Sheikh Samia Sheikh Joseph El-Khoury. Leila studied marketing and advertising at the Lebanese University, in addition to obtaining a degree in acting. And theatrical directing, her first artistic steps were at the age of sixteen, when Laila Iskandar won the gold medal in the Al Fan Studio program with the nomination of the Lebanese Tarab song, and she is married to the famous Saudi artist, Yaqoub Al-Farhan. On July 31, 2013, and in 2022, she gave birth to an only son, Joseph.

How old is Jacob Al-Farhan’s wife?

Laila Iskandar was born on August 23, 1984 AD, that is, she is 36 years old, after an official marriage to the Saudi artist Yaqoub Al-Farhan in 2013. The separation between them was announced in 2022. At the end of last July, the brilliant star Laila Iskandar broke her silence to respond to my publishers Rumors and she explained that what was between her and her husband was just a misunderstanding and that they were able to contain the differences between them with love and passion. Understanding.

Biography of Laila Iskandar

Laila Iskandar’s beginnings were with the “Lebanese Art Studio” program, which produced a large number of prominent personalities in Lebanon, and her participation in the “Lebanese Star Academy” program helped her to announce and develop her talent, and the following are some personal features. Actress Laila Iskandar

  • My name is Laila Iskandar.
  • Father’s name, Major General of the Lebanese Army, Louis Youssef Iskandar.
  • The mother’s name is Samia Sheikh Joseph El-Khoury.
  • Date of birth August 23, 1984
  • Age 36 years.
  • Place of birth Beirut, Lebanon
  • Lebanese nationality.
  • The religion of Islam, where she announced her conversion to Islam after contacting Jacob Al-Farhan.
  • The Saudi husband, Jacob Al-Farhan.
  • Children only a son named Joseph.
  • Profession: Lebanese singer and actress.
  • Lyrical color is a delight.
  • – Musical Instruments – Piano – Rhythms – Harmonica
  • The Lebanese University School.
  • Arabic mother tongue.
  • Business years from 2004 to the present

The story of the marriage of Jacob Al-Farhan and Laila Iskandar

The story of Jacob Al-Farhan’s marriage to a Lebanese singer sparked controversy on social media, as the marriage was a secret for two full years, as their followers discovered the type of relationship they had after sharing some of the photos they collected, which made it clear that they were in a relationship that raised the suspicions of their lovers. He received a lot of criticism from the subscribers, and the cable gathered a beautiful and sincere love relationship, which Laila Iskandar also talks about constantly, and the amount of love between them in all television interviews, and there are many works of art that brought them together. together. Such as the song “Yahoun Al-Sad” and the “Women’s Game” program.


Musical works by Laila Iskandar

It was the first song by the artist, Laila Iskandar, in 2004, after which she sang many songs in different colors.

  • The song of the dam.
  • dead love.
  • Lebanese song.
  • above and inside.
  • oppressed by me
  • A triple hymn about the covenant.

The wonderful Laila Iskandar has also appeared in many important TV shows, including the following

  • Baystar program.
  • Selfie software.
  • Game program “Woman and Man”.

In addition to her participation in some different theatrical productions, most notably the play “The Peace of Culture” in the Lebanese Gemmayzeh, and in the play “Insan” produced by the United Nations for humanitarian purposes.

Laila Iskandar’s Notable Accomplishments

  • In 2004, Laila participated in the Star Academy program in its first edition in the Middle East.
  • In 2005, the actress, Leila, starred as an actress and singer in the film crew of the play “The Man,” which returned to the United Nations of America.
  • In 2006, the great Kuwaiti artist Nabil Shuail participated in the Lebanese duo during the July 2006 war, and the United Nations chose him as part of the volunteer team in the HIV awareness campaign.
  • In 2007, she started her singing career on Al Khaleej Street, when she released her first Khaleeji song, “Motni Hob ​​Kalam” in the markets.
  • In 2008 she played a major role in the film Oedipus, directed by Jarrar Evdisban.
  • In 2009, she released her second video work, entitled “The Salva and What’s Inside”. The work was written by Abdullah Al Shamsi and composed by musician Fayez Al Saeed, which enabled her to win the title of Best Gulf Singer.

Laila Iskandar’s Instagram

The brilliant star, Laila Iskandar, has her own account on Instagram, followed by nearly five hundred thousand followers, which has become one of the factors behind her fame, especially after announcing her marriage to the Saudi artist, Yaqoub Al-Farhan, and the fans of the artist, Laila Iskandar. You can follow the latest events in your life in your Instagram account “”.

With this, we have come to the conclusion of our article entitled “Who is Jacob Al-Farhan’s wife”, through which we got to know Jacob Al-Farhan and his wife, as well as the most important life stations, and we also got to know the most important works of the artist, Laila Iskandar.



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