Killing, kidnapping, displacement and recruitment of children.. An organization that exposes Houthi atrocities in Hajjah


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Aden, NewsYemen:

A human rights report documented thousands of violations committed by the Houthi militia – the Iranian arm in Yemen – in Hajjah Governorate (northwest of the country) during the period from January 2015 to December 2021, including the right to life, physical integrity and freedom, the destruction and looting of private and public property, violations of the rights of children and women, and the violation of human rights. The right to education, and others.

In its first report, the “Taqsi for Development and Human Rights” organization said that it had documented the direct killing of 164 civilians by the Houthi militia, including 18 children and 15 women, 131 civilians by indiscriminate shelling, and 34 civilians due to its planting of mines and explosive devices, among the victims were 4 women and 6 children. And 26 wounded in Hajjah governorate.

The “investigation” report documented the injury of 768 victims of Houthi shelling and bullets, with 462 injuries due to indiscriminate shelling, and 263 gunshot injuries, including 26 women and 58 children. It also recorded 2507 cases of kidnapping carried out by the Houthi militia, which included 1167 workers, 267 educators, 570. Students, 236 soldiers, 49 merchants, 76 employees, 56 notables, 7 women, 57 children.

The report indicated that the militia committed 605 cases of enforced disappearance for varying periods, 8 cases of civilians who are still kidnapped and forcibly disappeared since March 2019 until now, in addition to verifying 1352 cases of violations of physical and psychological torture to which victims were subjected during detention and investigation in several prisons in and outside the governorate.

The Houthi militia recruited 5,974 children under the age of fifteen in Hajjah Governorate, and put them on the frontlines, 674 of whom were killed. The Houthi militia also attracted children to sectarian summer centers, and in the year 2021, it opened 708 summer centers for 42,200 students, after which they will be mobilized. to the battle fronts; The report also documents the deprivation by the Houthi militia of 37,623 students of education in all educational levels in all districts of Hajjah Governorate.

The report documented 15 cases of killing women committed by the Houthi militia, and the number of injuries reached 26, including 20 injuries by indiscriminate shelling, 4 gunshot injuries, 2 injuries from mine explosions, 7 cases of kidnapping, 6 abortions, 3 cases of unsafe childbirth “in the open”, and 4 cases of unsafe “outdoor” birth. Cases of beating with rifle butts and sticks, and 96 cases of looting of private savings.

He monitored the deprivation of education by the Houthi militia for students in Hajjah governorate, in 54 educational facilities, of which 5 schools were bombed, 39 schools were completely destroyed, 9 were partially destroyed, and 36 schools were converted into weapons stores and headquarters for the Houthi militia.


The report also monitored 1,804 homes that were violated by the Houthi militia, of which 31 were bombed, 185 were looted and seized, 373 homes were stormed, searched and looted, and 594 homes were bombed, of which 167 were completely destroyed, 426 were partially destroyed, and 75 homes were looted. And 26 houses were burned as a result of the bombing, and two houses were burned directly.


It documented the Houthi militia’s seizure of 34 government facilities and headquarters in Hajjah, and their conversion into its own headquarters to carry out its various activities, and 15 government headquarters were completely destroyed and 19 were partially destroyed, as well as 21 cases of violation, including two cases of bombing, and 6 in which objects were converted into military sites, and 12 cases were destroyed. It was seized for the activities of the Houthi militia, and one case was burned.

The Investigation Organization stated that it had monitored 6,635 cases of violations, including 845 looting of home furniture, 75 looting of cars of different types and models, 45 looting and smashing of trucks, 18 looting of motorcycles, and 37 looting of shops.

As the report documents, the Houthi militia looted 13 dispensaries, clinics, pharmacies, two gas agencies, 72 electric generators of various sizes, 23 water generators, 2,250 damaged and controlled farms, 34 water pumps, 200 beehives, 25 solar panels, and 12 water tanks.

In terms of displacement, the report mentioned the documentation of 3,118 families who were forcibly displaced outside the governorate for fear of the oppression of the Houthi militia, with a total of 6,967 males and 6,847 females, from the various directorates of Hajjah Governorate, and 40,823 families were internally displaced, with a total of 284,303 individuals, from the districts of Kushar, Haradh, Hiran, Midi, Abs and Bakil Al-Mir. , because of the clashes.

The report monitored 7,424 cases of obstructing the arrival of humanitarian aid, seizing it, and manipulating its distribution, represented by the Houthi militia distributing humanitarian aid to its fighters on the fronts, its supervisors, and everyone who provides a service to it from social figures and others. In the name of the war effort to support the food convoys that the Houthi militia runs to the frontlines on an ongoing basis.

It also monitored 23 cases of violations by media activists and 15 cases of violations by artists and singers, which included kidnapping, imprisonment, breaking and confiscating their musical instruments in several districts in Hajjah Governorate, as well as documenting 327 campaigns carried out by the Houthi militia to collect funds under different names, and taking 857 from different livestock, in addition to the disposal of The militia, with the money it collected in the name of zakat in its military operations, which amounted to one billion and 955 million and 135 thousand, was collected during 8 months, from January to the end of August 2021 AD.

An investigation report said that the Houthi militia has contributed to cutting the salaries of 17,000 educators and teachers since the end of 2016 until now, and forcing 2,045 teachers and educators to attend its sectarian cultural courses, in addition to 2,334 cases of collecting money in the name of tuition fees from students in Hajjah Governorate.

The report concluded by noting that the names of 31 schools in Hajjah governorate have been changed to the names of leaders and leaders glorified by the Houthi militia, noting that the Houthi militia is using school radios in 1,123 schools to mobilize children to the frontlines, exposing them to death and injury, and forcing them to repeat its slogan, which is a sectarian slogan that is not agreed upon. within the national culture.



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