QNB Stars League.. Al-Sadd forces Al-Arabi to give up the lead.. Al-Duhail is the biggest beneficiary

QNB Stars League.. Al-Sadd forces Al-Arabi to give up the lead.. Al-Duhail is the biggest beneficiary
QNB Stars League.. Al-Sadd forces Al-Arabi to give up the lead.. Al-Duhail is the biggest beneficiary



QNB Stars League.. Al-Sadd forces Al-Arabi to give up the lead.. Al-Duhail is the biggest beneficiary

January 25, 2023, 11:13 pm

Al-Sadd and Al-Arabi

Doha – Qena

The results of the eleventh round of the Qatar Football League (QNB Stars League) imposed new developments at the top of the standings, after Al-Arabi ceded the lead after losing to Al-Sadd in the derby, while Al-Duhail was the biggest beneficiary after the temporary leadership of the standings table after the victory over Al-Shamal turned into Always.

The eleventh round was the only one that was played in full since the resumption of the league, as the eighth and ninth rounds witnessed postponements for some matches, due to the association of a number of club players with their country’s teams in the competitions of the twenty-fifth edition of the Gulf Cup that was recently held in Iraq, while the tenth round was completely moved to Next March, after the Qatari team reached the semi-finals of the same Gulf Championship.

The Al-Sadd and Al-Arabi summit topped the scene, as it is one of the classics of Qatari football in addition to its competitive value. The match was exciting in all its details, before Al-Sadd decided it with a double without a response, so that the champions of the previous two versions took an important step in their quest to return to the fore after occupying late positions in the first seven rounds. To raise his tally to point 13 in sixth place, with a postponed match.

Al-Arabi, who entered the match under pressure imposed by Al-Duhail, who overcame Al-Shamal with a double without a response, gave up the lead for the first time in the current version, as he was a partner for Al-Wakra in first place after the opening round, before he took the lead since the second week, and therefore the loss seemed impressive. After keeping its score at 22 points behind Al Duhail, who has 23 points.

Coach Younes Ali’s team presented a sophisticated performance in the first half, in which it was the better party, wasting a number of easy chances that would have given it the precedence, before Al Sadd returned in the second half and imposed dominance on the course, but with efficiency and effectiveness that enabled it to record the two goals and come out with a precious victory.

Al-Duhail accomplished the task against Al-Shamal and won the three points thanks to the brilliance of its Kenyan striker Michael Olonga, who put an end to the stubbornness of the opponent for an hour of play, to score the two winning goals, which was enough to take the lead temporarily for the third time in a row, as the team of Argentine coach Hernan Crespo had previously snatched the lead. In the past two rounds, however, the matter was not more than 24 hours only in both times, after Al-Arabi regained first place the next day, but the third was fixed this time, taking advantage of the leader’s fall in front of Al-Sadd.

In turn, Qatar Club stormed the square for the first time in the current version, after it continued the great glow that it started since the resumption of the league, achieving a wide victory over Umm Salal by four to one, to raise its score to 16 points with a postponed match, occupying fourth place.

The broad victory is the second in a row after defeating Al-Gharafa by five goals in the last round, which confirms the great attacking greed of the Moroccan coach Youssef Al-Safry’s team, who scored ten goals in the last three rounds, in exchange for conceding only one goal, as he had won before stopping Al-Rayyan with a goal without. He replied, in return, from Umm Salal, with the second loss in a row, to freeze his balance at the seventh point in the tenth place.

Al-Ahly had neglected a victory that was within reach against Al-Markhiya, as it remained ahead with two goals without a response until the last five minutes, in which the Iraqi Ayman Hussein scored 25 goals, two goals that gave his team Al-Markhiya a valuable point, which is the first in the first appearance of the team of the national coach, Abdullah Mubarak, after He missed the past two rounds due to the postponement, to reach the ninth point in ninth place, while Al-Ahly lost its fourth position and became fifth with 14 points.

Al-Wakra regained the winning streak in the Qatar League (QNB Stars League) with a wide victory over Al-Sailiya 5-0 after the men of Spanish coach Marques Lopez dominated all the details of the confrontation, especially in the second half, which witnessed a complete quadruple within 22 minutes, confirming the opponent’s collapse.


Al-Wakra raised its tally to 18 points from nine matches in third place, stressing that it remains an active party in the competition for the title in the current edition. On the other hand, the pains of the Tunisian coach Sami Trabelsi, who accepted the eighth loss in exchange for a victory and a tie, multiplied, leaving the balance on the fourth point only in the last place. .


The round ended with another traditional summit between Al-Gharrafa and Al-Rayyan, which ended in a 2-1 draw, a result that did not serve either side, as Al-Gharrafa remained seventh despite the score reaching 13 points, while Al-Rayyan remained in the penultimate position with five points.

The team of Portuguese coach Pedro Martinez continued its search for the first victory after stopping in order to compensate for two heavy losses in the past two rounds against Al-Duhail and Qatar, but it was not able to maintain the lead by two goals until the last six minutes, when Al-Rayyan was able to adjust the result and even almost snatched the victory in time instead. the lost.

In terms of the numbers of the eleventh round, the six matches witnessed the scoring of 22 goals, with a large percentage of about 3.6 goals per match. They were scored by Santi Cazorla, the Al-Sadd player, against Al-Arabi, and Ayman Hussein, the Al-Markhiya player, against Al-Ahly, while the first round was known for the first participation of Al-Sailiya player, the Moroccan newcomer, Ismail Khavi.

The six matches witnessed four victories: Al-Duhail defeated Al-Shamal 2-0, Al-Sadd defeated Al-Arabi 2-0, Al-Wakra defeated Al-Sailiya 5-0, and Qatar Club defeated Umm Salal 4-1. In exchange for two draws: Al-Markhiya with Al-Ahly 2 2- And Al Gharafa with Al Rayyan with the same result.

Cumulatively, the (56) matches played in Al-Dawi so far witnessed the scoring of 165 goals, with a scoring rate of 2.9 goals per match, and the sixth round scored the most goals with 23 goals, while the least scoring round was the fourth, which witnessed the scoring of only 12 goals.

During the matches, the teams scored 42 victories, compared to 14 draws, including two negative draws and 12 positive draws, and 25 penalty kicks were awarded, of which 21 were scored, and four kicks were wasted.

In terms of scorers, Kenyan Michael Olonga, Al Duhail striker, ignited the competition when he scored two goals against Al Shamal, raising his tally to nine goals, so that Angolan striker Jecinto Dalla, Al Wakrah striker, joined the lead, after the latter had also scored his ninth personal goal against Al Sailiya.

Tunisian Youssef Al-Masakni, Al-Arabi striker, stopped scoring in the current round, keeping his score at 7 goals, ahead of Jordanian Yazan Al-Naimat, Al-Ahly striker, who scored six goals, followed by: Ivory Coast striker Johan Boli, Al-Rayyan striker, Syrian Omar Al-Soma, Al-Arabi striker, Algerian Yassin Ibrahimi, Al-Gharafa striker, and Iraqi Ayman. Hussein striker Al-Markhiya, and each of them has 5 goals.

In terms of standings, Al-Duhail took the lead with 23 points, a point behind Al-Arabi II (22), while Al-Wakra came third with 18 points, followed by Qatar with 16 points, two points behind Al-Ahly fifth (14 points), then Al-Sadd came sixth with 13 points, ahead of Al-Gharafa on goal difference. Seventh, and Al Shamal ranked eighth with ten points, one point ahead of ninth Al Markhiya (9 points), and Umm Salal came tenth with seven points, while Al Rayyan ranked penultimate with 5 points, one point behind Al Sailiya, bottom of the standings, with four points.

The next 12 round competitions will start next Saturday, where Al Sadd will meet Al Markhiya, Al Sailiya with Al Gharafa, and Al Ahly with Umm Salal, to be completed on Sunday with Al Wakrah’s confrontations with Al Duhail, Al Shamal with Al Rayyan, and Qatar with Al Arabi.



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