A day when faces will be whitened the East

A day when faces will be whitened the East
A day when faces will be whitened the East



Dr.. Abdullah Al Emadi

Face whitening day

January 26, 2023, 02:00am

A scene from the scenes of the Day of Resurrection. The scene of light and darkness, dignity and humiliation, optimism and refraction. It is the eschatological scene that is already known before we reach it and it begins. It is the day when faces are whitened, and likewise faces are blackened. Bright faces and others dark on that day, and that light or darkness is only a result of what the hands of the owners of those faces won in the early days of the life of this world.

The people of the meanings said – as stated in Tafsir Al-Baghawi – the whiteness of the faces: their radiance, their good fortune and their happiness with their work and the reward of God, and their blackness: their sadness, depression and eclipse with their work and the punishment of God, and this is indicated by the Almighty’s saying (interpretation of the meaning):For those who do good is the best and more, and their faces shall not be burdened by avarice or humiliation) And he said (Faces on that day will be bright looking at their Lord, and faces on that day will be happy) And he said (Faces on that day will be radiant, laughing, joyful, and faces on that day will be covered with dust).

On the authority of Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them both, he said: If on the Day of Resurrection, what they used to worship will be lifted up for each people, then every people will seek what they used to worship, which is the Almighty’s saying (We will give him what he has taken care of). And the Christians, they did not know anything of what was revealed to them. Then God will come to them, and he who used to prostrate in this world, obediently and faithfully, will prostrate to Him. And the People of the Book and the hypocrites remain unable to prostrate. Then permission is given to them, so they raise their heads and the faces of the believers are like snow white, and the hypocrites and the People of the Book, when they look at the faces of the believers, they grieve deeply, so their faces turn black, and they say: Our Lord, we do not have a blackened face, for by God, we were not polytheists? So God says to the angels (see how they lied to themselves).

It’s not colours

The whiteness of the face or its blackness on the Day of Resurrection is not intended to favor one color over another or to be racist, as some of those who lie in wait for Islam, Muslims and their sanctities like. This is not what is meant. Colors, humans linked each color to something, until it became agreed upon or customary. But the intent of the verse, or the whiteness and blackness in it, is something related to the issues of victories and successes, and sorrows and regrets.

This is how people see things, and therefore people themselves understand that whoever they call a white-faced person is an indication that he has a good biography, and no one suffers from him and nothing is known about him that could tarnish his reputation and biography. On the contrary, with another, he has a bad, chaotic biography that does not honor its owner, and therefore people hate living with him and dealing with him, until he is known as a black face.

Just as human beings do their best in their worldly lives so that their faces are white, and they are honored by the near and far, and they live among people a life of self-esteem and pride, and build a pure and pure CV, so the same thing is required of them for their second life, the life of the Hereafter. It is without a doubt the most important. The pursuit of whiteness of the face in the Hereafter should not be less than what humans strive for in the temporary, mortal life of this world.

The problem that humans live with is that things got mixed up between them and them, and Satan and his party contributed to the chaos that occurred among human beings since ancient times. This is one of the reasons for the appearance of the prophets and messengers, may blessings and peace be upon them. And when God sealed His messages with the best of messengers, things became clear and pure. There is no path that leads to prosperity, success, and a white face other than the straight path of God, and other than that, they are paths and paths that only lead to destruction, loss, and a black face in the Hereafter.

Two camps without a third


There are unbelief and faith, two camps known in the human world, from the time of Adam, peace be upon him, until God inherits the earth and those on it. A white camp and a black camp, and there is no room for a gray camp. Either you surrender your face to the one who created the heavens and the earth, upright and Muslim, believing in God as Lord and in Islam as religion, and in Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – as his prophet and messenger, or you surrender your face to Satan and his helpers.


Islam is the religion of all prophets. And what the Holy Prophet brought is the conclusion of all that the messengers brought from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. And whoever disbelieves in what Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – brought, has disbelieved in what the prophets and messengers brought. Thus, he enters the camp of disbelief, where the face is darkened. As for those who entered the camp of faith, they chose a white face for their true future, and their continuous prayers that God would prove them in their choice. As for the gray group, or the hypocrites as the Qur’an called them, they are a disease in themselves, and they are usually closer to the camp of disbelief, and with affection and familiarity with it they coexist. And so people until the Day of Resurrection.

The bottom line

When you meditate on His saying (And do not obey the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and leave their harm, and put your trust in God, and God suffices as a Guardian) It is as if it is a warning from God Almighty that these camps are harmful, even if they appear to be beautiful, comfortable and elegant. They are camps where people are rehabilitated from time to time to obtain the status of black faces on the Day of Resurrection, not out of color, but out of loss. There are many such verses in the Qur’an, because (Indeed, in that is a reminder for whoever has a heart or listens while he is a witness).

O God, make us among those whose faces will whiten on the Day of Resurrection, and gather us with the believers, the truthful, the martyrs, and the righteous, and the good of those as a companion.

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Face whitening day

A scene from the scenes of the Day of Resurrection. The scene of light and darkness, dignity and humiliation, optimism and refraction. It is the eschatological scene already known before… Read more



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