$138 billion.. Ukraine reveals the size of the losses as a result of the war

$138 billion.. Ukraine reveals the size of the losses as a result of the war
$138 billion.. Ukraine reveals the size of the losses as a result of the war

Lockheed Martin has announced that it is ready to meet the demand for its F-16s, in light of the West’s move to provide Kyiv with fighter jets, while a European country has proposed sending cluster munitions to Ukraine to help it on the battlefield.

Discussions about “F-16”

Lockheed Martin’s chief operating officer, Frank St. John, told the Financial Times about “talks about a third-party transfer of F-16s to Ukraine,” as some countries will re-export their American planes to Kyiv to defend their airspace.

The company is not directly involved in talks regarding the possible delivery of military aircraft to Kyiv.

However, St. John said the company “will increase its production of the F-16 to assist any country that chooses to operate these aircraft to Kiev to assist in the current conflict.”

The White House has rejected Ukrainian pleas for modern fighter jets such as the F-16, fearing that they could be used to strike Russian territory.

And the US government must agree to sell or transfer US-made fighter jets to a third country, which means European countries will need political support from President Joe Biden’s administration, according to the Financial Times.

“Along with our international allies and partners, we are in regular contact with the Ukrainians about their needs and requests,” a US defense official told the newspaper, adding, “At this time, we have nothing to announce regarding the F-16.”

European officials said that re-exporting EU member states of F-16s directly to Ukraine is one of the “options”.

They pointed out that the US-made planes could also be sent by Western countries to the former Warsaw Pact countries, who could then send them to Kiev.

Several Lockheed weapons systems have played key roles on the Ukrainian battlefield, including the High Mobility Artillery Missile System (HIMARS), the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS), Javelin missiles, and the Patriot missile defense system.

cluster munitions

A European country has proposed sending cluster munitions to Ukraine because it believes that this type of controversial weapon can help Ukrainian forces on the battlefield, an official told AFP on Wednesday.

The European official, who did not wish to reveal his identity and the name of his country, said his government approved the shipment and was working to obtain permission from Germany, which was involved in the production of these munitions.


The European official considered that cluster munitions have become more advanced and the West needs to be “in an advanced position” to support Ukraine.


“The Ukrainians are asking for them. They are legitimate weapons. The collateral damage is not as great as before. It was very large in the 1940s and 1950s, and now it is very manageable,” he added during a visit to Washington.

“Ukraine needs to win the war. This is the goal,” he stressed, noting that “the Russians are using weapons of all kinds that are 100 times more terrifying than cluster munitions.”

A UN treaty backed by most Western countries bans the use and transfer of cluster bombs, which deliver large numbers of explosive bomblets and often pose a threat long after conflicts have ended.

Russia has not signed this treaty, and the United Nations has previously expressed concern about Moscow’s use of cluster munitions in populated areas in Ukraine last year, according to “Agence France Presse”.

The United States said on Wednesday that it would provide Ukraine with 31 of its latest combat tanks, after Germany announced a similar measure, steps Kyiv hailed as a potential turning point in its battle against the Russian invasion, according to Reuters.

The decision by the United States to agree to send M1 Abram tanks to Ukraine helped overcome a diplomatic impasse with Germany over how best to assist Kyiv in its war with Russia.

Moscow condemned Berlin’s decision to provide Leopard 2 tanks to Kiev, describing it as a “dangerous provocation,” according to Reuters.

Sending tanks into Ukraine would break one of the last taboos in Western support for Ukraine against Russia’s nearly year-old invasion: supplying offensive, not defensive, weapons to Kyiv.

The West remained reluctant to send heavy offensive weapons to Kyiv for fear of provoking Russia, which is a nuclear power.

Since Ukraine regained some lands in the summer and fall of 2022, the war has turned into a bloody stalemate, and Kyiv believes that Western heavy weapons can restore its momentum, according to Reuters.



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