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Written by: Mustafa Al-Barghouti

Since 2015, Palestine has been experiencing what resembles a state of a new kind of uprising, which is taking place in waves. We witnessed examples of it in 2017 in the gift of Jerusalem, which broke Netanyahu’s will, and forced him to remove the electronic gates from the entrances to Al-Aqsa Mosque, and in the battle for Jerusalem in 2021, and finally in the spread of outposts. Resistance, especially in Jenin, Nablus and other areas.

The entry (or invasion) of the Israeli army into any city, camp or village leads to an immediate popular confrontation with it.
All this is being done based on the deepening Palestinian popular conviction of the failure of the so-called “peace process”, and that the rulers of Israel and its army only understand the language of force, and the futility of waiting for help from outside, and therefore the need for self-reliance.

Although Benjamin Netanyahu has not ruled Israel continuously since 1996, the vision and approach that he imposed since then has governed the actual behavior of the Israeli establishment, with the exception of a very short period during the era of Ehud Barak. In fact, it was used to justify the vision and approach of the extreme racist right that Netanyahu represents. By claiming that the Palestinians are the ones who reject peace.

Although the former prime minister of the occupation government, Lapid, and the former minister of the occupation army, Gantz, oppose the Netanyahu government for internal Israeli reasons, their government used the same repression and abuse of the Palestinians, blocking the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state, and expanding settlements in an unprecedented manner. This approach contributed to opening the way for the emergence of the most extreme racist government in the history of the region, which represented the result of the marriage between extreme Zionist national racism, Jewish religious fundamentalism and the most extreme fascism.

Perhaps the most absurd political matter is the American diplomatic claims that Netanyahu can rein in Ben Gvir, Smotrich and other fascists, and this represents a complete disregard for the fact that Netanyahu’s survival in power, and his saving himself from the corruption court, depends on his alliance with those fascists.

No less absurd is the claim that Israel will become an apartheid system if the policies of the current government continue, because the apartheid system has existed for a long time, and the biggest contributor to creating it is Netanyahu personally and a group of Israeli governments in all its directions, including the Labor Party, and the so-called “left” mistake. Zionist” since it is not possible to combine the characteristics of leftism and Zionism.

Added to this is another type of diplomatic hypocrisy, when Western analysts and officials express their objection to apartheid out of concern for the interest of Israel, which they want to continue claiming to be “democratic”, ignoring, in open racism, that the victim of apartheid is the Palestinian people, and that opposition to apartheid must To begin with its rejection, as a system of enslavement, persecution and discrimination against the Palestinian people themselves, and in terms of its contradiction with what humanity has achieved in terms of human rights and international laws.
The current Israeli apartheid government declares and implements policies that could lead to an explosion of the situation in Palestine and the launch of a comprehensive and massive uprising, the repercussions of which will affect the entire region.

The first danger lies in the Israeli government’s intentions to change the status quo in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and to try to impose a place for Talmudic prayers in it, and a temporal and spatial division of it. I do not think that anyone has forgotten what led to Sharon’s storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in terms of the explosion of the second intifada.


The second thing that would blow up the whole situation is to start implementing the annexation and ethnic cleansing operations against the Palestinians, especially in the threatened areas in what was unjustly and slanderously called “Area C” according to the Oslo agreement.


The third issue is the continued escalation of killings and abuse against Palestinians by the occupation. Since the beginning of the year, we have witnessed the assassination of eighteen Palestinians, four of whom were children, and some of whom were executed by the occupation army in public, for no reason, which creates a feeling of insecurity and insecurity among all Palestinians. profile.

The fourth matter is what the Israeli police force, led by the racist Ben Gvir, may do in terms of additional abuse of the male and female prisoners in the occupation prisons.

Each of these matters could constitute a cause for an all-out explosion in Palestine, in addition to the special sensitivity of the situation in four areas that are at risk of ethnic cleansing or affected.

The first is Khan al-Ahmar, in which a decision was issued by the Israeli Supreme Court for ethnic cleansing and the expulsion of its residents, to facilitate settlement in the so-called (E1) area, which, if implemented, would completely isolate Jerusalem and split the West Bank into two separate parts.

The same applies to Masafer Yatta, where the Israeli courts proceeded to expel the residents of eight communities there, and carry out ethnic cleansing against them.

In addition to this, the Sheikh Jarrah area, whose homes are exposed to frenzied racist attacks, in which Ben Gvir personally participates, and the Israeli establishment seeks to ethnically cleanse it as part of the process of Judaizing Jerusalem.

Al-Aqsa Mosque represents the fourth most tense, dangerous, and sensitive area, in connection with the possible racist provocations there, especially during the Jewish Passover holiday, which falls during the holy month of Ramadan.

Extremist racism will not be deterred by ornate words and statements, but rather by its resistance and serious punitive measures against it. Otherwise, we are on the cusp of a comprehensive explosion.



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