Urgent Education Saudi Arabia announces a new 4-day vacation, starting in just a few days, on this occasion

Urgent Education Saudi Arabia announces a new 4-day vacation, starting in just a few days, on this occasion
Urgent Education Saudi Arabia announces a new 4-day vacation, starting in just a few days, on this occasion

All students are on a date with an upcoming vacation, happily awaiting that vacation, and the happiness reached its maximum when the duration of that vacation was announced and it turned out to be 4 continuous days, and since last month all the students have been counting the days to enjoy that vacation that only 10 days remain until it comes, and despite Over the past few days, students have received several consecutive comments for attendance studies, and working hours were from a distance, but vacations have another flavor and taste.

10 days from the beginning of the extended leave

Urgent, a new two-day vacation in Saudi Arabia that will start soon on this important occasion

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The countdown has begun by male and female students for an official holiday for a period of 4 days, starting from Friday, January 13th, until Monday, January 16th.

Although it is not the first vacation in this semester, nor is it the last vacation, but it has another taste because its duration is longer, as the last weekend was only one day, and we have only two holidays left in this semester (Foundation Day – End of the semester).

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School calendar holidays 1444

When is the extended week off?

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After several holidays have passed, we will remind you of the following remaining holidays in the academic calendar for the year 1444:

  • Extended leave January 15/16.
  • Foundation Day holiday 22/23 February.
  • The end of the second semester, March 2nd.
  • Eid Al-Fitr holiday starting from April 13.
  • Extended leave May 28th.
  • The end of the academic year, June 22nd.

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When is the extended week off?

It corresponds to January 15/16, and it joins Thursday and Friday to be 4 consecutive days, starting on January 13.

When is the end of the third semester?

June 30th will be the first day of the end of the third semester.

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When is the incorporation day 1444?

On February 22/23.

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