2700 riyals, the price per night in the Riyadh camps

2700 riyals, the price per night in the Riyadh camps
2700 riyals, the price per night in the Riyadh camps

The residents of the capital, Riyadh, are waiting for the onset of winter, to begin with it the rituals of spending a night in one of the wild camps, which are currently being organized to become one of the most important sources of tourist attractions in the region, to develop the tourism sector in a way that does not affect the natural environmental life, while ensuring the quality of services provided, and verifying Matching camping sites and activities with security and safety standards.

varying spaces

On the way to Al-Thumama, a large number of camps gathered, with varying sizes and prices. Some camps had large areas and contained two sections, while others were small and had one section.

The common factor among most of these camps was the presence of a poetry house, a special section for sitting, and a kitchen that is available in some camps in an integrated manner with gas and a refrigerator and a good size, while others were poor, and some camps were characterized by the provision of hot and cold water and a sufficient number of bathrooms in the women’s and men’s sections. .

The owners of some camps deliberately provide a number of entertainment means, such as a volleyball court or outdoor sessions, and the presence of projectors to show films and others on a large screen, with a number of large speakers, or work to add aesthetic decorations, whether they are lights or ground paths, to add a kind of beauty to the camp.

high demand

Prices varied between high and very high, and the reason for their high price may be due to lack of supply and high demand, as the price for one night ranges between 2700 and 1500 riyals, and there are some camps whose price was 700 riyals. Of course, prices increase at the end of the week, as the price increases by 700 and 300 riyals in The “weekend” due to the demand for it, in addition to the approaching end of the camping season, as the workers in those camps told us that the end of the deadline for removing these camps before the month of Ramadan.

The day’s rent starts from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am of the next day, and those times vary according to each camp, as it may increase or decrease an hour or two, as there are some camps that were from nine in the morning until six in the morning of the next day.

Despite the strict decisions issued by the Ministry of Tourism regarding these camps and maintaining the cleanliness of the camps and their surroundings, it was noticed that garbage accumulated in a large number in some camps, forming an uncivilized appearance.




The National Center for Vegetation Coverage Development and Combating Desertification announced earlier that the issuance of camp permits to individuals comes in accordance with the conditions set by the center; Among them is that the camping site be determined under its supervision, as well as the provision of security and safety tools according to the requirements of civil defense, taking into account the requirements of the relevant authorities, as well as the availability of a national identity or regular residence for individuals, and the center has approved general rules that must be adhered to, including that the duration of camping does not exceed three months, and specify only one camp for each beneficiary.

The center also grants camping permits to individuals, taking into account compliance with the necessary controls and requirements for camping, in accordance with the regulations and regulations issued by the relevant authorities, the environment system and its implementing regulations, such as preserving and cleaning vegetation, avoiding uncivilized behavior during and after camping, and other controls that enhance the protection of the environment and vegetation cover. In addition to preserving the vegetation cover in the camping sites, avoiding harmful behaviors such as (grazing, hunting, logging, and throwing waste), not using the camps for any purposes other than camping, and committing not to constructing buildings with structural building materials or metal sheets, and preventing the erection of earthen mounds or mounds around the camp. With following the system of the park or the camping site.

Fines for camping offenders

500 riyals for the first time with the removal of the camp.

When repeated, 1000 riyals with the removal of the camp.

For the third time, the fine is 3,000 riyals, with the removal of the camp.

When it is repeated for the fourth time, the violator will be transferred to the court.



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