happened while you were asleep A young man kills his elderly mother with a gunshot .. and the release of prisoners on the occasion of the Police Day

happened while you were asleep A young man kills his elderly mother with a gunshot .. and the release of prisoners on the occasion of the Police Day
happened while you were asleep A young man kills his elderly mother with a gunshot .. and the release of prisoners on the occasion of the Police Day

The Egyptian street witnessed many events and incidents, from Wednesday night to Thursday morning, such as the killing of a young man for his elderly mother and a family tragedy in a horrific traffic accident in Dakahlia, and the release of a number of prisoners on the occasion of the Police Day celebrations and others. The week will monitor them for you in this report.

The arrest of the accused of killing his elderly mother after a quarrel between them in Qena

The security services in Qena were able to reveal the details of finding the body of an elderly woman, today, Wednesday, with a gunshot wound, in the village of Kom Jaber in the Abu Chit district, north of Qena governorate, after the body was transferred to the hospital, and the suspect was arrested.

It turned out that the accused in the incident was her son, who shot her after an argument between them.

A security and ambulance force moved to the scene, and it was found that “Inshirah.R”, 70 years old, was killed by a gunshot.

The beginning was when the director of Qena security received a notification from the ambulance facility stating that an elderly woman had been killed by a gunshot wound in the village of Kom Jaber in the Abocht district.

The body was transferred to the morgue of Abocht Central Hospital, the accused was arrested, a report was issued on the incident, and the competent authorities were notified to take over the investigations.

A garage guard stole a tuk-tuk and then killed its owner in Helwan

The security services at the Helwan Police Department accompanied Masoud T.M.D., 46 years old, a garage guard, accused of killing a tuk-tuk driver at the crime scene on the railway tracks, in the Ard al-Boudura area, which is affiliated with the Kafr El-Alo area, after he demanded that he retrieve his tuk-tuk. .

In the details, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad El-Maadawy, Head of the Investigations Unit of the Helwan Police Department, received a notification from the people that a quarrel had broken out and a deceased had fallen in the Kafr El-Elo area, and by moving it was revealed that the two parties to the quarrel were each of “Masoud T.M.D”, 46 years old, a garage guard in the powdery land of Kafr El-Elo. , injured in the scalp and detained in Helwan General Hospital under observation and has criminal information, and Ibrahim Ali, 19 years old, a driver, and a resident of Arab Al-Barawi, a dead body, as a result of a penetrating wound in the chest from the left side, and he was transferred to Al-Nasr Hospital.

The perpetrator was accused of stealing a tuk-tuk belonging to the victim and in his custody as a garage guard, and responsible for his guard. When the victim went to get his own tuk-tuk, he was surprised that he was not there. By asking him about the tuk-tuk and where did he go, the perpetrator pledged several times to return it or pay its value, and as soon as the second party, the “deceased,” made a claim. The first, after returning the tuk-tuk or paying its value, a verbal altercation occurred between them, which developed into a quarrel in which the two parties assaulted each other by beating, which resulted in the injury of the first and the death of the second.

After completing the representation of his crime, the accused underwent an investigation session before the competent authorities, during which he made detailed confessions about the commission of his crime, and after the completion of the investigations, the Public Prosecution ordered him to be imprisoned for 4 days pending investigations, and presented him to the Forensic Medicine Authority for a drug analysis to find out whether he used them or not, and summoned the victim’s family him and eyewitnesses to hear their statements.

The Ministry of the Interior: The amnesty of 2,194 prisoners was released on the occasion of the Police Day celebration

In implementation of the President of the Republic’s decision regarding the release and amnesty for the remainder of the sentence for some convicts who fulfilled the amnesty conditions, the Ministry of the Interior announced on the occasion of the celebrations of Police Day and the 71st anniversary of the epic heroism of the Battle of Ismailia, those who deserve to be released by amnesty for the remainder of the sentence, as the work of the committees has ended This indicates that the decision applies to 2,194 inmates who deserve to be released by pardon.


This comes within the framework of the Ministry of Interior’s keenness to apply the punitive policy in its modern concept, to provide various aspects of care for inmates, and to activate the executive role of methods of releasing convicts who have been rehabilitated to reintegrate into society.


For the purpose of quarrels.. a parent was arrested for possession of a weapon in front of a school

The detectives succeeded in apprehending the accused of possession of a white weapon, “Singa”, while he was in front of a school with the intention of quarreling in Nasr City.

Information and investigations of the Investigation Unit of the Nasr City Police Department in the Cairo Security Directorate confirmed that (one of the persons “having criminal information” – a resident of the department) carried a white weapon, a “snake” in front of a school located in the department.

After legalizing the procedures, he was arrested, and he was in possession of the weapon used to commit the incident, and by confronting him, he decided to receive a phone call from his son, during which he told him that a quarrel had occurred with a student at the school while taking exams.

Legal action has been taken.

3 people from one family were killed and another injured in a collision in Dakahlia

Three siblings of fishermen were killed, while their cousin was seriously injured, as a result of a collision between a transport car and a motorcycle they were riding on the Matareya-Damietta road while they were on their way from the village of Al-Shubul to work in Lake Manzala.

Major General Marwan Habib, Director of Dakahlia Security, had received a notification from Major General Mohamed Abdel Hadi, Director of Criminal Investigations, stating that a notification had been received by the Sheriff of El Matareya Police Station that a collision had occurred between a transport vehicle and a motorcycle, and that there were dead persons on the El Matareya-Damietta road within the area of ​​the center.

Immediately, the investigation officers and ambulances moved to the place of the communication, and upon examination, it was found that a collision occurred between a heavy transport vehicle and a motorcycle, in which 3 fishermen, brothers and their uncle’s son, were traveling on the Matareya-Damietta road in the area of ​​​​the center while they were heading from their village of Al-Shubul, affiliated to the Manzala Fishing Center in Lake Manzala.

The accident resulted in the death of the three brothers, Ibrahim Ibrahim Rashad Suleiman, Essam Ibrahim Suleiman, and Muhammad Salah Ibrahim Suleiman, and seriously injured their uncle’s son, Muhammad Ibrahim Suleiman. The deceased were transferred to the morgue of Al-Mataria Hospital, and the injured person was transferred to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

The necessary record of the incident was drawn up, and the Public Prosecution Office was notified to initiate investigations, and the effects of the accident are being removed.



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