Who is Fahd Mubarak Al-Hajry and Wikipedia?

Who is Fahd Mubarak Al-Hajry and Wikipedia?
Who is Fahd Mubarak Al-Hajry and Wikipedia?

Who is Fahd Mubarak Al-Hajri and Wikipedia, who is considered the son of the most important and famous businessman in the Arab Gulf countries and his mother, the Kuwaiti artist Ahlam Al-Shamsi, who is considered one of the most prominent singers in the Arab Gulf countries, and he had appeared in many pictures with his mother, which aroused the curiosity of many about his biography How old is he? Through the following lines in the article on our website, Al-Sa’a newspaper, we will provide you with the details.

Who is Fahd Mubarak Al-Hajri and Wikipedia

Fahd Al-Hajri is the eldest son of the Qatari athlete and businessman Mubarak Al-Hajri. Fahd Al-Hajri was born in the State of Qatar, and he is a citizen of it, since Fahd was born in 2004 and is now sixteen years old. A year and still in high school, Fahd Mubarak Al-Hajri was born to a Qatari father, as we mentioned earlier, and an Emirati mother, the famous singer Ahlam Al-Shamsi. He has two sisters, Nahed Al-Hajri and Lulwa Al-Hajri. . Fahd Al-Hajri has a latent artistic talent, as Fahd told his loved ones and followers that he has a prominent artistic talent, but it is not yet time to display it publicly. This, Fahd assured, would discover what it was only in time.

A traffic accident suffered by Fahd Al-Hajri

Fahd Mubarak Al-Hajri, son of the talented Emirati artist Ahlam, was involved in a traffic accident while riding a car with his uncle, Karim Al-Hajri, in Saudi Arabia. From them, despite the fact that the car they were traveling in was completely destroyed, and here Fahd thanked and expressed his gratitude to everyone who asked about his health and was interested in his history, and in turn, the artist Ahlam also went with the highest bouquets of thanks to the medical staff who reassured her about the condition of her son, as well as Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia. He thanked him for enduring the courage of their test, and it is worth noting that the horrific accident took place in the Al-Ahsa region of Saudi Arabia, where some activists published pictures of the accident site on the Internet, and among these pictures was one car that was in an unimaginable condition. condition.

Fahad Al-Hajry love story

Fahd Mubarak Al-Hajri, sixteen years old, lives a wonderful love story. Despite his young age, love knocked on the door of his heart early, as the love story that Fahd Al-Hajri lives today began to unfold. He turned around and confronted the audience about how he entered the network of a Saudi girl and revealed his love for this girl during his last tweet on his Twitter account, in which he initially spoke about his nationality and the nationality of his mother, Ahlam. Al Shamsi, I asked him many questions, then he touched on a tweet to reveal that he fell in love with this Saudi girl and his Emirati mother, Ahlam Al Shamsi. One of the most famous commentators on the tweet and its followers, as she expressed her surprise at a story that she did not seem to know, while her son Fahd responded to her comment with the hawala (there is neither power nor strength except with God). ) And he expressed his feelings of embarrassment and shame at his mother’s question when he told her, “You showed us to the Arabs.” To hug her when she saw her, but she responded to him in a tweet and singled him out on the condition that he agreed to marry her, meaning that they all go to live. And in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in Riyadh, where she affirmed her love and adoration for Riyadh and that she loves to live in it.

Mubarak Al-Hajry on IMDb

In the context of conversations and inquiries about who is Fahd Mubarak Al-Hajri and Wikipedia, we talked about his Qatari father Mubarak Al-Hajri, a distinguished athlete who won the title of rally champion in 1995. He is also considered one of the most famous businessmen in Qatar and the Gulf, and he married the famous Emirati artist Ahlam Al-Shamsi on June 18, 2003 and gave birth to He has three children and they are, in order

  • Fahad Al-Hajri, born in 2004.
  • Fatima Al-Hajri, born in 2008.
  • Lulwa Al-Hajri, born in 2010

Biography of Mubarak Al-Hajry

Mr. Mubarak Al-Hajri is considered one of the most important Qatari personalities who shone in the world of speed and driving. He is a Qatari rally champion and has many international competitors. Below is the most important personal information about this prominent Qatari.

  • My name is Mubarak Al-Hajry
  • Date of birth September 24, 1963
  • Age 58 years.
  • Place of birth Doha, Qatar
  • Arabs.
  • Wife, Emirate Ahlam Al Shamsi.
  • Children He has three sons Fahd, Fatima and Lulua.
  • Profession: Businessman and sports car driver.
  • The title won the 1995 Gulf Rally Championship.

Ahlam Al Shamsi on IMDb

She is a well-known Emirati singer, the daughter of the late Emirati singer Ali Hazem Al Shamsi, and most of her fans refer to her as the Queen, as well as the Gulf artist Mohammed Abdo, a Gulf artist, who was born in Abu Dhabi. In the United Arab Emirates in 1968, and she lived most of her childhood in the State of Bahrain, and she is now older than her, and she is about 53 years old. During her singing career, she presented hundreds of Gulf songs, which excelled in .. a dream artist with a distinctive voice. Her singing debut came in 1995, the same year her Qatari husband, Mubarak Al-Hajri, won the Gulf Rally title.

Fahad Al-Hajry’s Instagram

Fahd Al-Hajri, the eldest son of Emirati artist Ahlam Al-Shamsi, has his own account on Instagram, followed by about 1,500 followers.

With this, we have come to the end of our article about who is Fahd Mubarak Al-Hajri on Wikipedia, and from his lines we got to know everything related to Fahd and his brothers. .



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