Who is Mahmoud Al-Mahdi Wikipedia Biography

Who is Mahmoud Al-Mahdi Wikipedia Biography
Who is Mahmoud Al-Mahdi Wikipedia Biography

Who is Mahmoud Al-Mahdi Wikipedia Biography? Mahmoud Al-Mahdi is considered one of the most prominent social networking sites because of his many comments on artists and because he married the young artist, Menna Arafa, and he caused a media uproar because he was announcing the separation and then linked again. We will show you in our article who is Mahmoud Al-Mahdi Wikipedia biography and some information about his life.

Mahmoud Al-Mahdi on Wikipedia

Mahmoud Al-Mahdi is a rising artist who participated in many television series and cinematic works. Mahmoud Al-Mahdi was born on November 28, 1990. He is a 31-year-old Egyptian citizen. He studied at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. Faculty of Acting and Directing, from which he graduated in 2008. Among the most prominent roles he played; The role of Sharif in the movie “Mickey Family” in 2010, the series “Nour Maryam” in 2011, and the role of Sultan Muhammad in the series “Imam Al-Ghazali” in 2012.

Information about the biography of Mahmoud al-Mahdi

The following is the biography of Mahmoud al-Mahdi

  • My name is Mahmoud Mahdi Abbas.
  • Place of birth, Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Date of birth November 28, 1990 AD
  • Religion Muslim.
  • Nationality He holds Egyptian nationality.
  • Occupation: Egyptian actor.
  • The wife is Menna Arafa.
  • Country of residence, Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Astrological sign Scorpio.

What did Mahmoud al-Mahdi do?

The young Egyptian artist, Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, participated in many television and cinematic works, such as

  • The series “Dream School”.
  • Imam Al-Ghazali series.
  • Umm Al Sabreen series.
  • Al Rayyan series.
  • I want to marry serial.
  • Honorary officer series, my brother.
  • Series “Blood Chain”.
  • Shawqiyyah and her disgraceful family series.
  • The show is like it was yesterday.
  • Diary of a Married Wife, Third Series.
  • Nour Maryam series.
  • Mickey family movie.
  • thief and sheep

The relationship of Mahmoud al-Mahdi and Menna Arafa

Mahmoud Al-Mahdi recently topped the search circles on social media after announcing his marriage to the young Egyptian artist, Menna Arafa, where Mahmoud Al-Mahdi announced the news of his marriage contract through his official account on the Instagram application, and Al-Mahdi published a picture. From him with his wife, Menna Arafa, in the hope that they will become one family after completing the movie 666, and this publication had a great impact, as it sparked a lot of interaction among viewers from all over the world. The Arab world, and the duo met during the filming of the horror movie 666, and the relationship between them grew into marriage, and the age difference between Mahmoud Al-Mahdi and Menna Arafa reached almost 9 years since Menna Arafa was born in 1999. Mahmoud Al-Mahdi was born in 1999.


What is Mahmoud Al Mahdi’s Instagram?

The young artist Mahmoud Al-Mahdi shares his personal news and personal photos through his personal account on the Instagram application, and you can follow his personal account via Instagram and find out his latest artistic and personal news “”, or by searching for the account. . The name in the Instagram search bar is “mahmoudelmahdyofficial.”

Who is Menna Arafa, the wife of Mahmoud al-Mahdi?

Menna Arafa is Menna God, Professor Mohamed Arafa, a young Egyptian artist, born on May 1, 1999. She joined the Faculty of Law, but she has not yet graduated from the college due to her preoccupation with acting and the art of Menna Arraf has been known since childhood, and her first appearance was at the age of six in 2005. She caused a stir after her participation with Egyptian artist Ahmed Helmy in the movie “The Industrial Strike”, where she was able to win the hearts of the Egyptian audiences thanks to this movie, which achieved great success. He participated in the famous Egyptian TV series “Ragel and Set Ladies”, in which the artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi appeared, which continued to achieve great success with the audience for many years at the time of its presentation.

Here we come to the conclusion of our article; Through it, we presented who Mahmoud Al-Mahdi and Wikipedia are, as well as the biography of Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, and we also learned about his artistic works in which he participated.



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