Is there a gas crisis and what did the distributors ask?

Is there a gas crisis and what did the distributors ask?
Is there a gas crisis and what did the distributors ask?
Omaima Shams El-Din wrote in Al-Diyar: We are on the verge of a gas crisis. Will the citizen, in the event of issuing a price table in dollars, be able to bear additional burdens with the increasing rise in the price of a gas bottle, or will we return to primitive methods, such as using a wood stove or any other invention as a substitute for gas?

On this subject, Al Diyar spoke to the head of the Syndicate of Workers and Distributors in the gas sector and its supplies in Lebanon, Farid Zainoun, who said that we, as gas distributors, suffer from the problem of delay in issuing the gas installation schedule, indicating that when the exchange rate of the dollar was 1500 pounds, the schedule was issued at seven in the morning and distributed Gas on the citizens, explaining that the problem began to appear with the constant rise in the exchange rate of the dollar in terms of the schedule, which is delayed in issuance.

We asked the caretaker Minister of Energy, Walid Fayyad, to issue the price table early, and the answer from the ministry was that they were waiting until half past nine until the dollar exchange rate was known, so that pricing could be done on its basis, but Minister Fayyad was late by signing it between 12 and 14.
Zenoun asked Minister Fayyad to give powers to those who attend the schedule at 9:30 to sign the schedule so that it can be issued early.
Zeinoun pointed out that during the winter, the demand for gas increases, as we need 1,500 tons of gas per day, while in the summer, we need 500 tons per day, indicating that citizens tend to consume gas because it is less expensive than diesel, in addition to the high prices of generator subscription in light of the outage. constant electric current.
Zainoun revealed that he communicated with Prime Minister Najib Mikati and met with the Minister of Economy in the caretaker government, Amin Salam, where it was explained the necessity of issuing the schedule early and the necessity of issuing it in dollars instead of Lebanese pounds in order to avoid losses incurred by distributors as a result of fluctuating exchange rates of the dollar, but so far we have not reached a conclusion. result.

When Zainoun asked what is the role of the Ministry of Energy, which is unable to provide all services to citizens, he indicated that the Minister of Energy does not care about the distributors’ pleas, even though he has a media office that informs him of everything.
Zainoun announced that the distributors will stage a sit-in in front of the Ministry of Energy at nine o’clock in the morning, while they are awaiting the decision of approval from the Governor of Beirut, Judge Marwan Abboud.
While he was reassured that the gas is available and there is no interruption to the material, he indicated that delaying the issuance of the schedule will lead to a delay in distribution, and we may return to the scene of queues, especially when the cold and snow storms intensify, indicating that the filling companies close at three o’clock, and therefore when the issuance of the schedule is delayed, delivery will be delayed, and gas distributors will not be able to Distributing gas to all regions, especially mountainous and inhospitable.



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