The date of the Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad match in the Saudi Super Cup semi-finals. The channels broadcasting the match

The date of the Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad match in the Saudi Super Cup semi-finals. The channels broadcasting the match
The date of the Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad match in the Saudi Super Cup semi-finals. The channels broadcasting the match

The countdown has begun for the match that everyone is waiting for, in which the player Cristiano Ronaldo will participate for the second time with Nadia alone. For him with his team, follow us to find out the date of the Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad match.

The date of the Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad match

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Yesterday, Al-Nasr played a strong match between Al-Ettifaq team and scored one goal, but it was not scored by the expected player Cristiano. Cristiano for the first time with the players of the Egyptian national team (Tariq Hamed-Ahmed Hegazy) in the competing Al-Ittihad team.

The match will take place in King Fahd’s property at exactly nine o’clock in the evening Saudi time, and as we all know that Al-Nasr Club is the first in the Saudi table ranking, so will it be removed from the first after my matches on Thursday, or will Al-Hilal team rise from its second position to occupy Al-Nasr position?

On the same day, the other match will be held in the Super Semi-Final between Al-Hilal and Al-Fayhaa at 6:00 pm Saudi time.

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Channels broadcasting the Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad match

  • The match will be transmitted live on the Saudi SSC channel, watch the VIP.

Book a ticket for Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad match

Book a ticket for Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad match

You can book the ticket from here By following the steps in terms of choosing the type of ticket and the location, then after that you have to pay the fees, and ticket prices range from 25 riyals to 1750 Saudi riyals.

Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad match today, what time is it?

On Thursday, January 26th at 9:00 pm KSA.

Who is stronger, Al-Nasr or Al-Hilal?

The two teams are considered strong and the competition between them is intense, but in reality, Al-Hilal team defeated Al-Nassr with a slightly greater number of times than Al-Nassr beat Al-Hilal.


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