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Riyadh, Rajab 04, 1444 AH, corresponding to January 26, 2023 AD, SPA
Shaqra University, represented by the Alumni Unit and the Deanship of the Preparatory Year, in cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf”, organized two workshops for male and female university students, as part of the programs of the Career Guidance Initiative for Saudi Universities offered by the “Hadaf” Fund, to introduce students to some basic skills and steps to qualify and enhance abilities before entering the labor market.
The two workshops also aim to activate the vocational guidance initiative, which is concerned with contributing to the harmonization of education outputs with the requirements of the labor market, and enabling students and graduates to learn about the skills and needs of the current and future work sectors.
The first workshop was held under the title “Professional Inclinations, Your First Step to the Labor Market”, presented by Rawan Al-Tamimi, and dealt with ways to develop awareness and basic skills among male and female students such as decision-making skill, defining the types of professional tendencies and the need to know them to raise job performance and motivation for work and achievement and enhance chances of success and professional satisfaction. In addition to introducing the professional tendencies scale, which is available through the Fund’s “Sobol” platform.
While the second workshop was entitled “Soft Skills and Their Importance in the Labor Market”, presented by Iman Al-Mutairi, it dealt with defining soft skills and providing examples of them, including (flexibility, effective communication, university work, and positivity), as well as the difference between soft skills and hard skills, and their importance in the labor market. Work to fill the knowledge gaps of the individual, enhance the quality of the work environment and improve the overall performance. The audience also learned about the most important soft skills of the university student and how to develop them during the study period.
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